Serenata Flowers Hamper Review and Giveaway

Lavender and Chamomile Hamper from Serenata

Serenata Flowers have an amazing range of flowers and bouquets all at great prices but they also offer a huge range of plants, wines chocolates and hampers.  They really are the goto site for gifts for any and every occasion. I love hampers.  There is something amazing about receiving a range of different items in a nice box or basket and I know that I would always love to receive a hamper.  A hamper is perfect for those people who you want to buy an extra special gift for or those people who have everything, even for those people who you never know what to buy for.  At Serenata you can … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 34

Living Arrows Week 34

We seem to be speeding through to the end of the summer holidays and for the first time ever, I have to a admit defeat this year and say something that I said I would never say; 'the children are ready to go back to school'.  We seem to have had a lot more bickering and silly behaviour this year and having had devices taken away for poor behaviour, the boys in particular are constantly bored and moaning that they don't have anything to do.  Little Miss A is however, loving the holidays.  She has been brilliant this week and is really good at amusing herself with imaginative play and has also … [Read more...]

Preparing for uni: stationery from Leitz

Leitz Style

So we are starting another chapter next month with the teen going off to university and we are starting to think about the things that he needs to take with him.  Stationery is an essential of course as a busy student, but it needs to be a little more grown up looking and Leitz have the perfect range. Leitz Style consists of a range of stationery and desk accessories which are available from Amazon with prices ranging from around £5 to around £20. There are folders, files, staplers, hole punches, notebooks and more which are available in a variety of sophisticated colours with brushed … [Read more...]

Le Toy Van Fruit Smoothie Blender

Le Toy Van Fruit Smoothie Blender

Wooden toys have been a big part of all of my children's early years; from cars and trains to kitchens and food, tool sets, dolls houses, shops, puppet theatres, we have seen a whole range of wooden toys pass through and many of them have been well used and much-loved.  The thing about wooden toys are that they allow children to really use their imaginations, they are appealing to children with their bright colours and they appeal to parents as there are no batteries, no noise and they are built to last. hello A is nearly six but she still loves her wooden toy collection, in particular her … [Read more...]

Selfie; Disneyland Style

Disneyland Paris Castle

We went to Disneyland Paris last week and it was a wonderful week but very, very busy. People everywhere, constant queues, more people and more queues. In many ways it is fascinating as it is a truly multinational experience as you are surrounded by people all talking a variety of different languages and for the children in particular, they found it interesting to hear so many different languages during the week. The languages may be different but not thing that all of these people have in common is the selfie. I don't think I have ever seen so many people taking selfies. It is quite … [Read more...]

Back to School: Smens, Smencils and Smarkers

Smens, smencils and smarkers

I may have mentioned a few times that I am slightly obsessed with stationery and I do seem to have passed my addiction to two of my children.  My daughter, like me, loves pens, pencil cases, notebooks and pretty much everything stationery related and is already at the age of 5, the proud owner of a pretty impressive stationery collection.  My nine-year old is more selective but he does love notebooks, pencils and rubbers. Scented stationery takes me right back to my teen years when my pencil case of choice was chock-a-block with an assortment of deliciously smelling pens and rubbers and … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 33

Meeting Donald Duck at Disneyland Paris

Our holiday to Disneyland Paris passed all too quickly and it was an amazing week for all of us.  All three of the children loved meeting the characters and L might be very tall and teenage like at times but he is still only 9 and he absolutely loved the characters but there was one in particular who kept eluding us; Donald Duck.  Each morning we would pass the rather long queue and it was either too long or we needed to be somewhere else and L was beside himself that we wouldn't get the meet him.  So the last morning, we said that we would queue to meet Donald and if it was the only thing we … [Read more...]

Cranberry, Hazelnut and White Chocolate Biscotti


It is that time of the year again, when Great British Bake Off fever takes hold.  I love it.  The kids love it and my husband loves it as it always inspires me to get baking.  This week I was determined to give Biscotti a try, I have never made them before and they looked delicious. I used Paul Hollywood's biscotti recipe as my base and changed the ingredients slightly and the result is a crunchy, tasty biscuit that is perfect with a cuppa and that can be kept for up to two weeks in an airtight container so they are often made as gifts.  Mine won't last long enough to be given to anyone as … [Read more...]

Travelling to France with DFDS Seaways

DFDS at Dunkirk

The Stressy's were on tour last week as we packed up and headed to France as Disneyland Paris was our very exciting holiday destination this year.  As always when we go to France, we opted to take the ferry.  I love travelling by ferry, you have time to mooch around the shop, the cafes are always nice and then you can take to the top deck to watch England disappear and France appear as you speed through the waters.  The other advantage of being able to take the car is that you can fit more things in too which when there are five of you, that can be extremely helpful. This year we took the … [Read more...]

Back to School: Maped Helix Stationery for Left Handers

Maped Helix Left Handed Ruler Sharpener Scissors and Pens

Life in the left hand can be tricky for children living in a predominantly right-handed world.  If they are lucky enough to have a parent or teacher who is left-handed or that can help teach them how to do the essentials such as writing and cutting, they can find themselves trying to do things with their right hand or using right-handed instruments and struggling. My nine-year old son is left-handed and although now he has beautifully neat writing, it has taken years of support and using the correct equipment to get him to that point and I discovered in the first few years at school that … [Read more...]