Have a Happy Hallmark Christmas

Yes, yes it is that word again.  Christmas.  We all need to get used to it now as there is officially less than two months to go until the big day.  Hallmark of course are all very organised for the festive season with some rather lovely cards on offer and they sent us a selection to see what we thought. I have to say that I am really impressed.  Bright, fun and very festive, Hallmark have a huge range of sizes and styles with cards for every taste and their brand new luxury boxed cards would look fantastic on any mantelpiece and there is also something for every budget.

Hallmark Luxury Boxed Cards

Both the luxury boxed 3D and the luxury Ruby Frost cards come in boxes of 8 for five cards and they are impressive and original with amazing detail on each card.

Hallmark Luxury Boxed Cards


My absolute favourite of all of the cards is the house card; thanks to the clever use of a rubber band inside, this card literally pops into shape as soon as you take it out of the envelope and it looks amazing.

Hallmark Luxury Boxed Cards

If you are looking for something with a bit more colour, then the signature Razzle Dazzle range is for you with individual cards and matching gift bags and wrapping paper with lots of colour and sparkle and simple fun messages.  The cards are priced form £2.25 and the gift bags from £1.99.

Hallmark Christmas Cards - Razzle Dazzle range

Hallmark Christmas Cards - Razzle Dazzle range

Hallmark Christmas Cards - Razzle Dazzle Gift Bags

If you are looking for a special message at a lower cost, the Just Dotty range starts at 79p and these cards are all bright, fun and great value too.

Hallmark Christmas Cards - Just Dotty

Hallmark Christmas Cards - Just Dotty

Check out the Hallmark website for more information.

Happy Hallmark Christmas

Looking for LEGO bargains

We love LEGO in this house and we certainly have more than our fair share thanks to my teenage son’s obsession with LEGO over the years and the fact that I am now ‘looking after it’ until he has a place of his own and can have it back.  No birthday or Christmas would be complete without at least one new set of LEGO and if I am honest, I do love the stuff.  It is fun, easy to play with, it fuels imaginations and you really can do anything with it.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that it is very unforgiving if you happen to stand on it.

It is that time of the year where I am starting to think about the many presents I need to buy this Christmas and there are lots of LEGO sets that all three children are looking for.  This year will see the first sets of LEGO friends as A is obsessed with them and has listed about 20 different sets that she would like.  R has been hinting subtly about ‘how amazing’ the new LEGO Minecraft sets look and L likes any LEGO City sets as long as they aren’t too big.  LEGO prices can vary but it is well worth shopping around for a bargain and that is where Suppose.com come in very handy.  Suppose.com is easy to use and enables you not only to compare prices of the products you want to buy but also to track the prices as they understand that online prices are always changing.  If you are tracking a particular LEGO set for example, they will alert you when the price of that set drops so that you can buy it before it is sold out.  You can also create lists to keep track of a range of products such as birthday or Christmas present ideas which is another useful tool.  I have set up a LEGO list ready to track some prices on the run up to Christmas.

So the arrival of a new set of LEGO courtesy of Suppose.com was greeted with much enthusiasm and L decided that as it was from LEGO City, building it would be a job for him.  We were sent the LEGO City: Coastguard 4×4 and diving boat (60012).

LEGO City: Coastguard 4x4 and diving boat (60012)

The RRP of this LEGO set is £14.99 but Suppose.com tracked the price to £7.98, which is a really good deal and a great price for a set of that size. As you track the price of a product using Suppose.com, you can follow the highs and lows over a fixed period of time using the tracker graphs.

Price drop at Suppose.com

L certainly enjoyed building this LEGO set and he is really pleased with it.  I would be pleased with such a great price as it would make an excellent stocking filler or party presents too.

LEGO City Coastguard 4x4 and diving boat

We were sent this LEGO set for the purpose of this post.  All images and opinions are our own.

Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic

It is such a wonderful show that you often get so caught up in the magic of it all that you forget that this is all performed on ice.  Disney On Ice are currently celebrating 100 amazing years of Disney with a show to top them all and it does not disappoint.  With no less than 65 characters bought to life, there are familiar characters that we all recognise from years gone by with familiar stories to make you smile and songs that you can’t help but sing along to.

The attention to detail is amazing with stunning costumes that bring the characters perfectly to life and special effects that wow children and adults alike. It is the best family show that we have ever seen and this is our second Disney On Ice to date.  It appeals to everyone in the family, even the ones who are a little cynical (the ten year old) and the ones who doesn’t like shows (Daddy).

100 Years of Magic takes you quite literally through the Disney years including appearances from Pinocchio, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Toy Story and even an adaptation of the world-famous ride; it’s a small world.  Mulan was a particular favourite of mine as I love the story and the character of Mulan.  For the children, the Incredibles made them laugh as did appearances from Stitch. For my husband it was The Incredibles and his favourite Toy Story characters.  Something for everyone.

There were so many highlights but here a just a few;

Disney on Ice Castle 2 Disney On Ice Castle Disney On Ice Donald and Minnie Disney On Ice It's a small world Disney On Ice Minnie Disney On Ice Mulan 2 Disney On Ice Mulan Dragon Disney On Ice Mulan Disney On Ice Pinocchio Whale Disney On Ice Pinocchio Disney On Ice Snow Disney On Ice Stitch Disney On Ice The Incredibles Disney On Ice - Mickey's balloon Disney On IceDisney On Ice Finale

Disney On Ice Finale


These photos only capture a small part of the show but I think that it gives you a flavour of the wonder that is Disney On Ice.  It is action packed fun family entertainment and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

The Disney On Ice 100 Years Of Magic continues its tour of the country in Birmingham, Sheffield, Dublin, Belfast and finishes at the O2 in London.  Find out more here.

Further random ramblings of a four year old mind

My daughter makes me laugh a lot. Now that she has started school, her mind is literally buzzing with things and she is constantly chattering about things she has learnt in school. Her current obsession is the alphabet as she is learning her letters and she is always asking how things are spelt and which letters words start with.

Keen to work with this enthusiasm, last week I wrote three simple words out to see if she could read them. The first one was cat. I showed her the word and spelled out the letter slowly. C-A-T. What is that word? I asked. Bum was the reply. No I said with a smile and repeated the letters. Bum, was the reply. This made me laugh and even though I did explain to her that it was cat, we both ended up laughing so much that all thoughts of spelling went out of the window.

She had a cold last week and this was A’s cue for endless dramatic sniffing and for our house to be filled with the overwhelming vapours of Vicks vapour rub.  One evening we were sat reading at bedtime when A announced; “Mummy I am banged up!”  I did smile as I explained to her that she was in fact ‘bunged up.’

A’s favourite game at the moment is I spy.  Her version of the game is a little confusing though and this is the average sort of conversation we have whilst playing;

A: “I want to play I spy!”

Me: ” Ok but you need to remember that it is something that you can actually see.”

A: “Yes yes.  I spy something beginning with s.”

Me: (After lots of different guesses) “I give up”


Me: “Can you see a snake?”

A: “Well… no.  I’ll have another go. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with f.”

Me: “Flower>”

A:”Yes mummy but why are the flowers looking sad?”

Me: “It is winter and the cold weather is killing them.”

A: (After some thought) “I shall knit them a little scarf then.  My turn again.  I spy something beginning with t.”

Me: “Trees.”

A: “No”

Me: “Tiger.”

A: “No silly there aren’t any tigers here!”

Me: “Give me a clue.”

A: “It is like a window.”

Me: “I give up”

A: “A cat.”

At that point I decided that I spy is not the game to play with a four year old.  It is all just too random.

random ramblings of a four year old
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