Wot so funee – are Chris and Pui real?

We have had a few ‘funee’ moments over the last few weeks. A is always funny and as the first day at school approaches, she has swung from being a very grown up ‘big’ girl one minute to being a clingy baby the next with lots of good reasons why she shouldn’t go to school, such as; “I can’t go to school as I’m too little/tired/silly/” I love that being too silly could be a good excuse not to start school. I wonder if that could be an excuse to get out of lots of other things …?

On the more grown up moments, she trots around the house with her plastic phone in hand telling me that she is just sending a text message to someone, or downloading some music. She has apparently downloaded the soundtrack to Frozen onto her pretend phone and sat listening to it and singing along. Her brothers thinks she is barmy but I think it is quite funny.

We are on a constant quest to try and get her to try new foods and once again we were discussing the ‘v’ word. She is not keen on vegetables. I was discussing the fact that they would be really good for her but she turned to me with a smile and said; “but mummy, my taste bugs are different to yours and they don’t like vegetables!”

A and I were lucky enough to have a girl’s day out at Lollibop a few weeks ago and we met Chris and Pui from Cbeebies and had our photo taken with them. I was possibly more excited about this than A but when we came out, a turned to me and asked; “Were they the real Chris and Pui, or someone dressed up as them?” When I stopped laughing, I explained that they were real but I had this wonderful image of them peeling off their ‘Chris and Pui’ suits once out of the tent.

Lollibop 2014

My final ‘funee’ this week comes from lovely L, the newly 9 year old who was watching an advert for a certain face cream that claims to make skin look younger after four weeks. Firstly he said that the advert was stupid as no-one could avoid looking in the mirror for four weeks and he thought they didn’t look any younger at all. I told him that I used the cream. He turned to look at my face and said; “well that cream is a right con then, your face looks really old!”

Children are so lovely aren’t they?

The 365 Project – Weeks 34 and 35

Where have the summer holidays gone?  I can’t believe that everyone will be back in school from next week.  A two week 365 project catch up from me and I have been busy decorating three rooms and building new furniture from Ikea, so there are some days when I didn’t take any photos at all, but here is a snapshot of our last two weeks.there were three in the bed

You buy a new bed and suddenly everybody wants to get in!


A spot of putting

very high

Those chair planes are very high up

Vertigo at Oakwood

My crazy husband and children on Vertigo at Oakwood

Porthcawl beach

Porthcawl beach

Got to Dance Selfie

Our Got to Dance Selfie

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday!


Look who’s sleeping in my bed?

Looming to the moon

Looming to the moon

Hetty the Hoover

Finally some help with the housework


No,  I don’t think that is what you are meant to do with chopsticks

TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

It has been a while since I popped in to see you.  I hope that you are okay and not feeling too neglected.  This summer I haven’t really paid you as much attention as usual and then I decided to take a break; a whole week off, eight days in fact.  You haven’t done anything wrong, don’t worry, I still love you.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I needed some time, space and distance.  A time to enjoy real life and my family.

This was a significant summer for me with the children leaving, starting, changing school and way back in July when I went to the Britmums blogging conference, I came away feeling a little lacklustre.  I wasn’t sure where we were going, whether I still liked the direction we had followed over recent months.  I did even begin to wonder if I wanted to carry on.  I realised that I needed to step away and give it all some time and thought.

There were a flurry of summer bucket list posts flying around and I decided to do something similar to try and inspire an exciting summer of blog fodder.  We made a list.  A very long list of things.  Exciting things that would ensure a summer of fun.  I started to write my bucket list post, but I didn’t finish it.  The list was great and although we didn’t do everything, it did inspire us.

Things happened in real life that made me rethink everything and that made me want to enjoy my summer holiday even more.  To enjoy being with my family and not worrying about reviews that needed writing or the fact that I hadn’t published a post every day. Life needed to be lived and not lived through the blog.

So that is what I did.  I have had a wonderful and productive summer.  There have been fun days out in the sun, trips to new places, new experiences, lots of play and fun, endless cuddles and smiles.  I have even done some decorating; something that I have been meaning to do for months but the computer always seem to get in the way.  I have started to enjoy taking photos again; natural unposed photos that aren’t perfect or blogworthy but that make me smile and will remind me of this summer.  It has been lovely not having to stage photos for blog posts or taking photos simply to update my Instagram stream.

There have been a few blog posts, but our summer activities have been recorded in a summer journal for a change with photos and pictures, comments and mementos.  Something that we can all look back on and smile.

I haven’t been checking my stats, I haven’t been wasting hours on Twitter, I have simply popped on in the morning when I have a few minutes or in the evening to respond to any tweets or mentions received.  Emails have been read when I have time and I have said no to lots of requests for a variety of things.

Do I want to stop blogging?  The answer is a resounding no.  I still love my blog and it is still an important part of my life.  Once every one is back at school, normal service will resume and I will be back on a regular basis sharing the outpourings of whatever goes on in my head at that moment in time. The break has given me time to rethink and I have some new projects and ideas which I am excited about.  Things will be different though. Life is for living, not for blogging and my new motto is that I blog to live and I don’t live to blog.

I want to create a better balance and to ensure that my online life doesn’t get in the way of the real one as my children will all be grown up in a flash and I don’t ever want to look back in years to come and regret missing out on things because I was too busy on a screen somewhere.

So dear blog, I do still love you but as we enter our third year together, if this is going to work out, the way forward is balance and moderation.

Love me x

Dear Blog


Do you have a K’NEXpert in your house?

K'NEXPERT competition

Have you seen the latest K’NEX advert?  If you haven’t, you should look out for it as it is a good one and every time the boys see it, they say how much they would love to build something like the K’NEX suit the boy at the end is wearing.

I have very fond memories of K’NEX.  Being fans of all construction toys, we had some of the K’NEX sets that are made for younger creators and we spent many happy hours building different monsters and creations with the sets.  The pieces were easy to work with and with fun colours and designs, they certainly appealed to both boys when they were younger and now A likes to use them to build monster flowers and other strange creations.

Last year, R fancied some of the K’NEX Thrill Ride sets and we bought him the Ferris wheel for his birthday.  He loved it and with some help from his big brother, the set was quickly transformed into a fully functioning Ferris wheel that was the perfect size to take LEGO figures for a ride.  It is fantastic and still has pride of place now.

K'NEX Ferris Wheel

The wonderful thing about K’NEX is that not only is it fairly easy to put together to create models and take apart again, it brings out the young engineers in some as if you spend some time thinking and looking at all of the different pieces and how they fit together, you can work out how to put together a model that moves and does different things.  It is very clever.  We were sent the Ultimate Building Set to have a play with and being a creature of habit R made a mini Ferris Wheel.  It is really cool and when you turn the handle, the wheel move around.

mini K'NEX Ferris Wheel

K’NEX have launched an amazing competition to find the most creative K’NEX builders and there are some awesome prizes.  Split into different age groups, they are looking for builders to let their imaginations run wild and once their construction is complete, take a photo, write up to 200 words about how the construction came about and how many pieces were used and you can also submit a one minute video showcasing your creation if you want to.  Four entry categories are available:

6 – 8 years Winning an iPad® mini and K’NEX
Building Sets to the value of £150

9 – 10 years Winning an iPad® mini and K’NEX
Building Sets to the value of £150

11 – 14 years Winning an iPad® mini and K’NEX
Building Sets to the value of £150

Inc. school classes, clubs,
Cub/Brownie groups
Winning £1000 cash prize and K’NEX
Building Sets to the value of £500

As I said, the prizes are fantastic and you have until 31st October to submit your entry which will be judged by a panel of experts.  For more details and inspiration, visit the K’NEX website.  So if you think you have a K’NEXpert in the house, what are you waiting for?


We were sent a box of K’NEX for the purpose of this post.  

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