Blogging Tips From Blog On 

Keep Calm and Blog On

Blog On is my favourite blogging conference.  Organised by Laura from Tired Mummy Of Two, she does an amazing job and both last year and this, I came away buzzing with ideas and inspired by spending time with such a great group of people.  It is smaller that some events and this works well as not only can you catch up with the people you want to, there is space to chat to the different brands.  Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is also a great venue and I am determined to take the family up in the near future to explore the amazing displays and galleries. So here a just a … [Read more...]

Getting ready for summer with Flip Flop Shop

Kids sandals and flip flops at Flip Flop Shop

We have been pretty lucky over the last few weeks with blue skies and warm sunshine and I don't know about you, but it makes me feel so much better about the world when the sun is shining.  Thoughts turn to sun-drenched beaches, fun family days out and summer holidays, that is until you look at the shoe collection which is all dark and wintery. All of my children hate wearing socks and as soon as they can, they love to wear sandals, Crocs or summer shoes that are light, easy to slip on and off and do not require socks.  The Flip Flop Shop is the perfect place to find such shoes and they have … [Read more...]

Nutty about Notebooks

Notebook Day

Today is Notebook Day *gets up and does a happy dance*.  This makes me very happy as I LOVE notebooks.  I have lots of them and often sneak new ones into the house without my husband seeing as he is somewhat concerned about my strange notebook addiction. Notebook day is of course part of National Stationery Week and I was thinking about why we all need a notebook or two; 1.  A notebook can be used for meal plans and shopping lists. 2.  A notebook can double as a planner or diary. 3.  Notebooks are great for blogging and writing to jot down all of those ideas that pop into your head at … [Read more...]

In April we love, stationery special 

In April we love stationery

This week is  National Stationery Week and for stationery obsessives like me, that is very exciting.  I love stationery whether it is pens, pencils or notebooks and journals and I can find uses for everything.  I am also in the process of cultivating three younger stationery addicts too as all of my children like their notebooks and pencil cases. The aim of National Stationery Week isn't just to celebrate stationery, the wider aim is to get people writing, which in today's digital age, is an important message. Earlier in the year, inspired by National Stationery Week,  I wrote a post about … [Read more...]

The Swimming Gala


All too often in your life as a parent, you imagine how something is going to happen and in the foggy haze of the your imagination, you see a wonderful vision of happiness and joy. Bang.  Back to earth you come with an almighty bang with the reality of the situation. This happens to me a lot.  I get out a game to play with the family and my vision is us all sitting around the table in joyful harmony, enjoying each others company and laughing.  Bang.  The reality is not that at all.  It is usually the exact opposite with arguing, me having to raise my voice and at least one member of the … [Read more...]

The Busy Mum’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning.  What is this strange concept?  Is it a time when you clean all of your springs?  Do I have any springs? No I have no springs that I know of and we have just said a sad farewell to our trampoline, so I can't even clean those springs. So I will have to stop procrastinating and man up to the real spring cleaning; or "crap, the sun shining again is making my house look very dirty" as I fondly refer to it.  I am sure that whoever came up with the concept of spring cleaning, must have opened their curtains one bright spring morning and realised that the clearing of the gloom … [Read more...]

Pens and Pencils #natstatweek

Pen and Pencil Day

Have I mentioned that I love stationery?  Just a few times.  I am what is fondly known as a 'stationery addict' and I usually have to be dragged kicking and screaming past my favourite stationery shops by my family who all tell me repeatedly that I do not need any more notebooks.  (You can't have too many notebooks can you?) I am really proud to be involved in National Stationery Week which celebrates all things stationery starting today and each day there is a different theme.  It is all about encouraging people to write which is a hugely important message in this digital age. So today … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 17

chatty brothers

This week has been on of 'those' weeks, I don't feel like my feet have touched the ground.  Appointments, sports clubs, tournaments, galas and a lot of rushing around.  These two make me smile though.  Mornings are a mad rush but this particular morning, they both slipped into my bed and sat and had a nice brotherly chat without a care in the world. Today Dad and R were at a rugby tournament all day, so I took the other two out for the morning to Cheltenham and we had a leisurely stroll around the shops, a quick pitstop in our favourite M&S cafe and then we stopped off at the park on … [Read more...]

10 things you need to know about Key Stage 2 SATs

Practice SATs Paper

R is eleven and as he is in Year 6, we are fast approaching his SATs exams.  These are his second official SATs exams but he was blissfully unaware of the first set as they were done in a very informal and relaxed way and that is exactly how I like it.  We do seem to be very exam focussed in this country and whilst as both a teacher and a parent, I understand the need and the benefit of ongoing assessment in the classroom, I think that this can be done in a number of ways other than official testing. R is very aware of SATs this year.  It seems to be the focus of the year.  I understand … [Read more...]