Creating My Dream Kitchen

White kitchen cabinets

When we first moved into our house, it was brand new and I absolutely loved my kitchen.  Everything was fresh and new and people always commented how lovely it was when they came in. I do still love my kitchen, it is very much a family kitchen filled with gadgets, cookery books, craft stuff and food and I like that about it.  It is light and airy and the doors open out onto the garden, so I can watch the children play while I make food. But there are so many things I would love to change about it now.  You can rarely catch sight of the worktops for junk and clutter and the cupboards are … [Read more...]

Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

Vileda WindoMatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

"A vacuum cleaner for windows??" My son was slightly aghast when my Vileda Windomatic arrived. "But you vacuum the carpets, not the windows!" He shook his head and wandered off but guess who was busy vacuuming the windows a few hours later, once it had been charged? Yes, my gadget loving son and he was rather impressed. So was I. Not just had I found a way to get another household chore done by one of the children, but I had found a really handy gadget that made one of my least favourite jobs a whole lot easier. It is also approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute which for me … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 30

Silly faces

The first week of the holidays is over already?? How did that happen so quickly?  We had a busy week as our niece and nephew came to stay for the week and so with five children to entertain, we decided that it was a good idea to keep them all busy.  We certainly did that with park visits, swimming, Shaun the Sheep hunting in Bristol and a fabulous day at Conkers (blog post to follow). Here are a few of my favourite photos from the week. First up is this fabulous photo of R who was helping me with a partyware review.  I love this photo and it makes me smile very time I see it. The children … [Read more...]

Have a Fabulous Party with a Fabulous Partyware Giveaway

Super Hero Partyware from Fabulous Partyware

Fabulous is the perfect word to describe Fabulous Partyware, as soon as you click on the website, your screen is filled with the most gorgeous range of themed partyware and there is something to suit all tastes with the most amazing selection of unusual ideas that I have ever seen.  How many brave knights could resist this fantastic centrepiece and cupcake stand? I love these spotty party bags myself, so I know quite a few little girls would be thrilled to take one of these home at the end of a party. The latest birthday party in this house was for lovely L.  He is 10 at the end … [Read more...]

Panasonic SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker

Panasonic SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker Review

I love kitchen gadgets and one that has been on my 'want' list for a few years is a bread maker.  I rarely make bread or dough based foods due to the time it takes with proving and kneading, so the thought of popping all of the ingredients into a machine and everything being done for you sounds wonderful. When an email pinged into my inbox about doing a review of the Panasonic SD-ZB2512 Bread Maker, I may have let out a loud squeal of excitement and it has been sat in my kitchen for two weeks now with me quietly cursing the end of term craziness that was coming between me and trying out my new … [Read more...]

My Recipe for a Perfect Family Holiday

the perfect family holiday

Not long now until the family event of the year; our summer holiday.  Excitement levels are high, far too much money has been spent and I am constantly adding to my never-ending to-do list before we go.  It always seems like a lot of effort for just one week away but I know that it is absolutely one hundred per cent worth it.  Those few days away from the daily life, whether a few miles down the road or the other side of the world, in a tent or in a fancy hotel, it is an incredible experience and the perfect time to reconnect as a family. But what makes the perfect family holiday? For me, … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 29

Last Day of School

It has been another extremely busy week but we are all very glad to have made it to the summer holidays finally and we are looking forward to some lazy mornings and family time together over the next few weeks. It was an emotional week with L finishing primary school which I still can't come to terms with and having taken a photo of the three children leaving for the first day of the school year, I wanted to capture the last day too. Saturday morning arrived and little miss A was rather excited as she was going to pick up her new glasses.  She has to wear them for reading and writing and I … [Read more...]

Leaving again

Last Day of Year Five

It was one whole year ago that I sat and sobbed through R's leaver's assembly and A leaving nursery.  It was an emotional time with them moving on and the teen leaving school. That one whole year has flown by so quickly that it feels like a few weeks.  I blogged earlier this week about needing a pause button and Friday morning I would have been pressing hard. As my just turned nine-year old son took his first tentative steps into the final year at primary school, I was worried.  Worried that he wouldn't be ready for middle school at the end of the year.  Worried that he would struggle … [Read more...]

Pause Button

Pause Button

I need a pause button. Everything seems to be happening so quickly. Everything seems to be changing. Faces in photos stare back at me like strangers. Those small smiling children with cute faces and cheeky smiles that once shared my life; where have they gone? Those happy moments captured on canvas and video seem like lifetimes ago and all vaguely familiar but at the same time different. I need a pause button. Those small children have been replaced by much larger, not always so smiley children who are becoming independent young people. There are no longer babies. Not even a … [Read more...]

Blinds made easy with Web-Blinds

Luna Red Blackout Blind from Web-Blinds

I have become a big fan of blinds over recent years, they are easier to maintain than curtains, they look neater and let more light into a room and they don't cost a fortune either.  The other bonus of blinds is that they are far better than curtains if you have someone in the house with dust mite allergies. As L is allergic to dust mites, when we gave him his own room last summer, a blind was top of the list and we had one fitted and it looked great.  Since then, L has chosen to go back into the same room as his brother and of course, in there we still had the heavy lined curtains, so I … [Read more...]