In May we love ..

In May we love ...

Spill Proof Bottles from CamelBak I have waited years for a leak prove bottle and we have bought too many over the years that came with a claim of being leak proof and turned out not to be.  I became quite obsessed with finding something that could sit happily in a bag all day, filled with water that cam home intact and everything around it intact and dry too.  There really is nothing like putting your hand into a school bag at the end of the day to find a soggy mix of paper and books.  I have actually lost count of how many times this has happened now.  We also use drinks bottles on a daily, … [Read more...]

Living Arrows Week 21

first school disco

Another busy week this week and we are all very glad that it is half term.  A had her first ever school disco on Monday and we had a very long discussion about which of her many dresses she was going to wear.  I think she looked rather lovely.  She had a great time though and judging by the excitement levels and the length of time it took to get her to sleep that night; she must have consumed a fair amount of sugar while she was there. R is slowly becoming more aware of his appearance and we tease him about his inability to walk past a mirror or a window without stopping to do his hair. … [Read more...]

The boy, his hair and my hairspray

The morning hair ritual

There is a new phenomenon in this house and it is usually engulfed a large cloud of hairspray. For a long, long time, I had a child who preferred his hair to be long and unruly and although I may have occasionally (constantly) discussed the possibility of having shorter, tidier hair with him, he was having none of it. Little did I know at the time, that he was doing me a great favour and that it was so much easier that way. Fast forward a few years and hair has become a thing. It is thing that causes discussions, debates even. It is a thing which takes up a great deal of time. A definite … [Read more...]

When a child is afraid of dogs

A fear of dogs

Fear is a funny thing.  I heard someone say that the other day and had I been part of the conversation, I probably would have responded that actually it really isn't, there is nothing funny about being afraid of something, especially if that fear dominates your life. Fear and phobias are always a topic of conversation in this house.  I blogged recently about the fact that my son has a phobia of baked beans, which seems quite funny when you think about it, but if he comes face to face with his nemesis; a plate of beans, his reaction can be quite extreme and he certainly does not find it … [Read more...]

Living Arrow Week 20

Costa Boys

This year seems to be flying by but I am enjoying looking back at my weekly photos of the children in this Living Arrows project.  This week has been another crazy one with sporting and school events aplenty.  I managed to catch a quick shot of the 'Costa boys', they do like to stop at Costa for a creamy cooler whenever we pass one.   Proving my theory again that it is virtually impossible to get all of the children in a photo happy at the same time; we went for an early morning visit to the park before school and L was enjoying the sunshine but little Miss A was having none of … [Read more...]

Signs that you have a teenager in training

the teenager in training

  Every time he speaks, he has to sigh dramatically and speak to you as if you know nothing. Because of course you know nothing. Eye rolling is the only available facial expression.  It is done in response to everything that you say with a few extras for good measure. Posing for photos is head down and sulky face. You have to quite literally drag him out of bed in the morning. The little bright-eyed boy who used to wake you up in the morning has now becomes firmly attached to his duvet. Morning conversation does not happen.  If you are lucky enough to drag him out from … [Read more...]

The Mystery Woman


They seek her here, they seek her there.  Who is this woman we call mummy? Oh yes, that would be me.  I am pretty much always here; caring, nurturing, nagging, cooking and all of the other things that come with this job we call parenting.  Yet, if you were to  glance at  our many and varied family photos, you could be lead to thinking that there is someone missing.  There are six people in our little family but there are only ever five in any of the photos.  Every now and then, this mystery woman appears with different hair styles and clothes, but these are rare glimpses of the lesser … [Read more...]



Having lived most of my life in this area which is only about a forty minute drive to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, I have never ever been there.  It is one of those places that people always talk about as being brilliant for families and great for taking children and it has been on the list of places to visit for some time but it has eluded us and I was determined that this year, we would go and explore to see if it was a good as people said. The Forest of Dean itself covers a huge area (526.4 km² to be precise) and holds endless possibilities of activities; whether you are … [Read more...]

Teaching children about politics


Politics is a hot topic at the moment and after the General Election this week, emotions are understandable running high.  I am not going to be discussing my political beliefs on here but the whole election campaign has raised some interesting discussions and even debates in our house this week. My younger children are 5, 9 and 11 and so this is the first General Election that has made any impact on them as they were too young during the last election to really take an interest. Growing up, my general attitude towards politics was one of complete disinterest and disdain, I wasn't … [Read more...]

Things to consider when buying a trampoline


You’ve just got your garden looking just the way you wanted it - neat, tidy, and free of Little Tikes plastic cars. Then your kids drop the bombshell: they want an outdoor trampoline. Before you give up all hope, it’s worth considering that as active toys go, trampolines have varying health benefits, as well as being very fun. With a wide range on the market these days, you might even find one that blends in perfectly with your outdoor space. Don't just take a blind leap though - consider the following before going trampoline shopping. What size? Although your kids might want a trampoline … [Read more...]