Easy Chicken and Pea Risotto

I love risotto, it is such an easy dish to make and I am a huge fan of one pan meals.  We often have a roast chicken dinner on a Sunday and so I usually make this on a Monday using the left over chicken from the day before.  It is one of the few meals that we have that everyone likes and so I always have empty plates at the end of the meal. This dish takes about thirty minutes and the important thing is to keep adding small amounts of stock and to stir regularly to prevent the rice catching at the bottom.


1 medium onion chopped
2 cloves of garlic pressed or finely chopped
250g Arborio rice
1 litre chicken stock
Cooked chicken chopped (I use roughly 150g or whatever is left over)
150g frozen peas
1 tablespoon light Soy sauce (optional)
1 teaspoon dried Tarragon
1 tablespoon of olive oil
Small amount of butter
Pepper to season


Chop the onion quite quite finely and start to fry off in the butter and the oil.

Once the onion starts to soften, add the garlic.  Turn the heat right down. Cook for two minutes and add the arborio rice and keep stirring for one minute.

Still stirring add a small amount of the stock and keep the heat low.

Add the Tarragon, pepper and the Soy sauce if you are using it and mix well.

Keep adding small amounts of stock and stir regularly to stop the rice from catching and sticking to the bottom of the pan.

This process should take around twenty minutes.  Once the rice is soft, add the chicken and the frozen peas. If you have used all of the stock, add a small amount of boiling water,turn the heat up to medium and stir the chicken and the peas for a further three to four minutes to ensure that they are hot.

Serve and enjoy.

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