My Big Little Town Book Review

We love receiving new books in this house. We probably have enough books already to open our own library, but that doesn’t mean that we will not accept new additions. So, when we received a package of books from My Big Little Town, it was met with much excitement.

My Big Little Town was founded in 2006 by UK author and illustrator Calvin Innes and they produce and publish books and comics on a huge range of subjects.

“Our focus in recent years has been on high quality children’s literature, particularly original fiction. We publish children’s books that kids WANT to read, rather than books that people feel they should read. Our aim to to get children engaging with books, enjoying books and stretching themselves when reading.”

Anisha’s Adventures in Bangladesh is a really lovely book and very different to any of the other books that I have been reading with A.  This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Anisha and her pet pony Chloe.  When Anisha is given two magical necklaces for her birthday by her grandparents, she wishes that she can fly and in a puff of magic smoke, her pony Chloe is transformed into a flying pink pony.  

Anisha and Chloe fly off and explore the city of Bangladesh and using a special camera, they take photos of the city as they go.  I love the idea behind this book and A and I have enjoyed reading it.  The illustrations and ‘photos’ are colourful and captivating and it is a really great way of teaching children about different places and different cultures.  Written by Moinul Islam, there is a lovely note on the website about how the idea  for this book came about.

Stuart The Bug Eating Man immediately appealed to L.  With a title like that and a picture of a man eating green slime on the front cover, why wouldn’t it?  This book is one of a set of three Tiny Twisted Tales books and they are great books as they are funny, with amusing illustrations and easy to read.

Stuart would eat bugs,
with his fork and with his knife.
Much to the disgust of Harriet, his wife.

He’d munch them, and crunch them,
legs and all.
While they’d wriggle and squirm
and scurry and crawl.

Written and illustrated by Calvin Innes, these funny and strangely disgusting tales are perfect for children aged seven to nine and both boys have enjoyed listening and reading this book, but for L in particular; who is more of a reluctant reader, the short rhyming text on double page is perfect.
The final book was chosen by R as he likes reading what he calls ‘proper books’ now and so Gorgeous George and The Giant Geriatric Generator is brilliant for him.  
Described as “Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun!”  written by Stuart Reid, this book tells the story of George who notices that people are disappearing from his home town of Little Pumpington and that everyone is really miserable.  With the help of his Grandpa Jock, George sets out to solve the mystery of why.  

R is half way through this book, so I don’t know how the story ends, but he is thoroughly enjoying it and he says that it is a very funny book and he can’t wait to finish it.

All of the My Big Little Town Books have been a huge success in this house and what stood out for me was that they really appeal to children by being funny, a little bit different and beautifully illustrated.  I would definitely recommend that you go and have a look at the website where you will find information about the books, the authors and also prices and stockists.

We were sent these books for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own.


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