Preparing Children for School

Getting the kids ready for school is not something that you do just once a year, despite what the adverts tell you. Notebooks or lunch boxes have a way of disappearing, and uniforms have a tendency to get ripped or grass-stained. If you’re a parent, you know that you’ll have to buy unexpected supplies or new uniforms whenever the need pops up. It’s helpful to prepare for these new additions to your child’s wardrobe and supply kit by having school name tags on hand. These may seem relatively unimportant, but they can be a real life-saver.

Protecting your Child’s Belongings

It’s common in the bustle of the school day for clothing and supplies to get swapped or mismatched. This is why most schools will request that parents affix name labels for clothes, particularly when uniforms are involved. There’s a good chance that another child in your kid’s classroom is going to be the same size and wear the same brand of clothing. Placing iron-on or sticky labels in every article of clothing will help prevent mix-ups. This includes hats, gloves, and other accessories when the weather starts to get brisk.

Preventing Loss of School Supplies

In addition to protecting your child’s school clothing and uniforms, labelling important school supplies is also a good idea. Although taken on their own the cost of these supplies isn’t too much, it can really add up over the course of the school year. Art supplies in particular can be quite expensive, such as packs of coloured pens and special paper. Be sure to carefully label packages of all of these types of items, so that you don’t have to worry about any confusion at school. Taking the time to label your child’s clothing and supplies will help them take responsibility for their own possessions, and help prevent the need to purchase new supplies throughout the year. 

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