Project 365 – Week Five

We need some sunshine! I remember that this time last year I was struggling to find inspiration for my photos due to bad weather and lack of sunlight. At least this week, the snow disappeared and there was the occasional glimpse of blue sky.

Sunday – blue sky
Monday – reading time
Tuesday – making ‘potions’ in the bath
Wednesday – the official opening ceremony of R’s birthday
Thursday – concentrating
Friday – bath hair
Saturday – beautiful sunset
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  1. says

    We have sunshine!!! I’m really glad the snows finally been washed away. Love your blue skies and sunset pics and love that you had an official opening ceremony for Rs birthday

  2. Coombe Mill says

    Love the photo of them reading, I’m always trying to get mine to read more but sometimes the tv wins! Beautiful sky shot too.

  3. says

    That’s the trouble sometimes isn’t it? Inspiration when there’s not a lot going on. Mind you you’ve come up with some great ideas. I find work gets in the way and I can’t keep taking photos of my computer!

  4. says

    That sunset is divine, such glorious colours. Adore the photo of your gorgeous girl in the bath, reminds me of Millias ‘Ophelia’ (just don’t look at the background story!).

    Thanks for linking up.

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