Project 365 – Week 26

Where did that week go?  Seriously, all of the Britmums Live excitement last weekend followed by a monumental fall back to reality and the rest of the week has passed in a blur.  I did manage to stop and catch a few snapshots though…

I love love love my Stressy Mummy coke bottle that I bought back from Britmums Live and I also won a Tutu Tallulah tutu this week for A and it is beautiful.  We have been playing in the garden, doing gymnastics and lots of watering and playing at the park with A.  On less energetic days, we enjoyed cakes at the café and some lovely snuggles on the sofa.

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    you are rigth about how fast this week has gone i cannot belive ti is the last day of June already! the handstand/break dance shot int he garden is a great shot and i love the one of Miss A tucking into that yummy cake. and snuggles on the sofa is always lovely x x

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    i really wanted a coke bottle with HPMcQ on but they couldn’t do all the capitals :( they did however do one for me and ronnie and then posted it too me after the event! whoo hooo
    i saw a grown up lady in a rather beautiful tutu just this week, kinda want one myself now!

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