Project 365 – Week 27

Another week has flown by and the improvement in the weather has certainly been welcomed in this house as it means lots more time out in the garden.  These are some of our highlights 
We have been playing with balls in the garden, L made his lovely double chocolate flapjack, my very lovely Stressy Mummy planner came, Wednesday was Granny’s birthday and we had a girl’s lunch out, A is thrilled to be able to wear some of her lovely summer dresses and lots of play in the new paddling pool.
More than seven photos this week, mainly because I took lots of lovely paddling pool photos so I included a couple of extra ones this week. 


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    Ohh check out your personal planner! Love it and will it make you more organised and less stressed mummy? Love your weekly shots, have a great weekend

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    Great paddling pool fun, the splashes are brilliantly timed. Can’t believe how quickly your daughter is growing up!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

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    i dont blame you for adding a few extra shots – they are great ones in the paddling pool. i saw them on instagram earlier with envy at your fab pool on a day like today has been. great notebook and the one of your mum and daughter is a beautiful capture x x

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    Lovely photos! Been meaning to order my planner for ages. On my jobs list for ages, but of course it’s low priority! I’m very jealous of your paddling pool! Mean Mummy here hasn’t got one for the kids!

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    Great pool, my girls would love one like that! Unfortunately, we don’t have room since I re-did the garden and they keep moaning at me for wanting flowers instead of a pool!

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