Project 365 – Week 34

After four happy weeks of family fun, this week has been the first week of the holidays where I think we all decided it was time to go back to school.  We did so much last week, finishing off with a trip to Lollibop on Sunday and I think we all needed a rest.  So a much quieter week this week.

Sunday – we headed off to London for our first ever trip to Lollibop and I came home with three very strange looking creatures
Monday – A quiet day at home mainly with a bit of cycling
Tuesday – A trip to a country park and A was fascinated by the butterflies
Wednesday – I had jobs to do in town, so we made a rare visit to the town park which is great but usually very busy
Thursday – Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, the children all made cakes
Friday – A and I had some fun with some tattoos 
Saturday – R and I went to do some shopping at a local farm shop and R made me buy this five colour pasta as he loved the look of it
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    It’s funny you should say that about the pasta. We went shopping last week and H was fascinated by the tricolour pasta, if there had been five colours in it I don’t think I’d have got out of the shop without it either. Love the lollibop shot.

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    that pasta looks fabulous – such an array of groovy colours! i love how everyone baked a cake -they all look GBBO worthy. However, thats a lot of cake to eat though! and the face painting is fab especially the pirate one. xx

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    Lovely photo! I wish Noah was into face painting, its so much fun :)

    I love butterflies, especially with Grandad passing away, it makes me think of him everytime I see one – so I am loving the fact they are everywhere at the moment.

    I need butterfly friendly things for the garden :)


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