Baby Stella Doll Review

When we went to collect the box from the post office, my two year old daughter looked at the box and with a knowing look announced that there was something inside the box for her.  She was right about that, although when we opened the box I was quite jealous as the Baby Stella doll inside is just gorgeous.  A was so excited and I wished I had a camera when she looked in the box and saw her new doll.

This is Baby Stella and I can really see why it was a case of love at first sight, she is a soft, plush fabric doll and she comes with a two piece outfit, a removable nappy and a magnetic pacifier.  The really lovely thing about this doll is that she is so life like with life-like fingers and toes and even has a belly button.
A is just starting to really love dolls and particularly loves the dolls that come with different clothes, so when we went back to the box and saw this:
I did actually think that she was going to burst.  We have had Baby Stella for just over a week now and she goes everywhere with us.  At night time, Baby Stella wears her original suit and then in the morning, we change her back into this beautiful dress with matching shoes, head band and bracelet.  The clothes are really soft, like the doll, so I have no worries about A taking Baby Stella to bed with her as she is super soft and cuddly.
Baby Stella in her ‘daywear’
The age range for Baby Stella is 12 months upwards and I really can’t recommend it enough.  The doll itself is priced at £20.95 and the outfits are priced at £11.95.  There is a whole range of Baby Stella dolls and clothes and accessories. and I will certainly be adding several items of the range to my shopping list for A’s birthday later this year.
To say that A loves this doll is an understatement.  If she leaves her anywhere, we have a panic about her whereabouts until she is located again. 
Baby Stella comes on our walks …
She watches television with us …   and I would like to say a massive thank you to Merry from  Play Merrily Toy Shop for giving us the opportunity to review this amazing toy.  Along with the Baby Stella range, the website has an amazing range of toys and is well worth a look and you can also catch up with Merry on her blog
The Baby Stella doll and accessories was sent to me for the purposes of the review.  All of the opinions given are entirely my own.

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