Molehill Mania Review

I love this game.  For me, as a game for younger children, it ticks all the boxes.  It is simple to set up.  It is easy to play.  It doesn’t require batteries.  The children loved it.  What more do you need from a game?

In the box, you have a molehill, eleven little moles and two hammers.  The rules are very simple, you place the moles in the mole hill and then you hammer the planks at the side to catapult the moles out of the hill.  Once they are all out, you use your hammer; which has a clever little hole underneath to pick up the moles at great speed.  If you are playing the simplest level, the winner is the first to get to six, which you can easily see as a little yellow mole pops up on top of the hammer to indicate that it is full.  There are two other levels of play too, using the different colours and values of the moles, which can make it more challenging.
A loves this game and has asked to play it ever since it arrived.  Even her brothers have enjoyed playing as they particularly like the hammering bit.  We would definitely recommend this game for some Christmas family fun.
We were sent Molehill Mania by Fisher Price  free of charge for the purpose of this review.  All opinions and images are our own.


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