The Mummyfesto Book Review

Three mums are horrified to find that local funding cuts mean that the lollipop lady at their children’s primary school is losing her job. They decide to join forces, rally the other parents and campaign for her to save her job. Hippy chick Sam works in a local hospice and is mother of two boys and a big believer in helping those who are in need and less fortunate. Anna is a mum of three and she juggles parenting alongside her jobs as a councillor, a nutritionist and also manages to write a successful ‘mummy blog’. Secondary school teacher Jackie is a mum of one but longs for a second child to complete her family.

Their efforts to save the lollipop lady is a surprising success and the media attention that they get as a result leads to one television reporter asking them if they had considered standing for the forthcoming general election. A crazy idea? Completely, but these ladies want to change the world and make it better.  The taste of success has left them feeling that they could just bring about that change and the Lollipop Party is born.

Behind these three strong women lies heartache and problematic family lives. Jackie has been trying for her second child for many years and is starting to fear that it may never happen and at the same time, is trying to cope with a mother with Alzheimer’s who has a tendency to go wandering at inopportune moments. Anna is trying desperately to stop her family falling apart, with both of her teenage children having problems in and out of school and a seemingly loveless marriage. Sam is happily married but finances are strained and her youngest son Oscar is suffering from the incurable Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is confined to a wheelchair.

With all of this going on in their already hectic lives, do these three women really think that they can change the world?  Will Hebden Bridge be the next Downing Street?

This is the first book that I have read by Linda Green and I absolutely loved it. Heart warming, witty, emotional and very difficult to put down, it was easy to read, cleverly written and I laughed out loud and sobbed hysterically at different times during the book. The story cleverly unfolds though the eyes of the the three women and I really liked the characters. They are strong, realistic, modern and they all reminded me of women I know in my own life. Of course the idea of three women taking on the political world in favour of the socially vulnerable is idealistic to say the least, but this is a really heart warming story of friendship, values and family. I would definitely recommend it.

I was sent a copy of The Mummyfesto for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own.


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