Making Beautiful Butterfly Wings

I came across a lovely blog a few weeks ago called Fun at Home With Kids and there was one particular post that caught my eye about making your own cardboard butterfly wings which I thought was an amazing idea and something that A and I could have a go at.

Now if you are regular readers of this blog, you will notice that on the whole crafts aren’t really my thing.  I love crafting with the children but I generally don’t blog about it as it isn’t’ a very regular occurrence, but we decided to have a go at this and I was quite pleased with the results.

You can find the original post here and I am in complete awe of the beautiful wings that they made, ours are very different as I took the idea and tweaked it according to our limited abilities and resources.

I used a box to cut out the butterfly wings.  I used two sides of the box and the fold in the middle acted as the ‘body’ and also comes in handy at the end as you can fold the finished wings up to store them.  We used pink poster paint and I mixed in some silver glitter paint left over from last summer which gave the wings a lovely sparkle.

A decided that she didn’t want any other colours, so we painted one side, left it to dry over night and then flipped it over and painted the other side the same colour and again left it to dry over night.  Once it was dry, I made four holes, two on each side of the fold to thread the elastic through when you are finished.

Then came the decorating.  A didn’t want to paint again, so we got out our entire collection of stickers and sequins and sparkly shapes and it was great as I left A to decorate the butterfly wings herself.  She loved it and quite happily covered one side with stickers and sparkles.

Once she was happy with it, I threaded two pieces of elastic through the holes so that she could slip her arms through and A was transformed into a beautiful butterfly.



  1. August 2, 2013 / 10:52 pm

    Lovely idea and result – I’ve got so many old boxes lying about just asking to be made into fairy wings – need a boyish version..? xx

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