Back to School with Nutmeg Uniform from Morrisons

The summer holidays are fast disappearing and it is that time when I groan and look at the battered looking uniform in the wardrobe and start the process of sorting, measuring, buying and labelling everything ready for the start of the new school year.  We get through a lot of uniform in this house and that is because I have boys.  Boys don’t sit nicely in their school uniform, they run, jump, climb, play football, wrestle, roll around and tip food and drink down their uniform on a daily basis.  I quickly realised that I would need pretty much a whole uniform for each boy for each day of the week if I wasn’t going to spend all of my evenings washing and ironing.

There is no doubt that there is so much more choice when it comes to buying uniform compared to when O started school and the prices are more competitive too which is particularly good when you have more than one to buy for.  Morrisons is not a shop that normally comes to mind when I think of places to buy school uniform, so when they approached me to do a review of their new Nutmeg range, I was genuinely curious to see what the uniform would be like.

This is what they had to say about the new range;

“We think what makes Nutmeg a bit different is the thoughtful details. Knowing there’s nothing worse than a tickly label, all the clothes (school and non-school) are free from rough, itchy or tickly labels. And all jackets, tops and t-shirts are made from super soft fabrics for all day comfort. DIY is a big theme in the collection – where there’s a zip, they’re are big and chunky so kids can do them up themselves and trousers have adjustable waistbands, designed to be easily pulled up and perfect for growth spurts. Get more info on the Nutmeg range here and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

So what do I look for when I’m buying school uniform?

Price is a huge factor as I often have to buy uniform for three each summer (and it gets a lot more expensive when they get bigger!) so if I can find good quality uniform for a reasonable price, that is the ideal combination.

Quality is also extremely important.  It needs to be durable to withstand the daily rough and tumble of boys and their games but it also needs to wash and wear well and still come up to scratch after a few months of wear.  

The fastenings need to be well sewn and easy for younger or less dexterous children to be able to manage without you being there to do it and buttons that don’t come off during the first couple of weeks is a definite bonus too.

Comfort is also important.  If the clothes are scratchy or made out of cheap material, this can be counter-productive   We had a set of polo shirts a couple of years ago that just made L itch.  I have no idea why, but I had to replace them as it was upsetting him so much.

So what did we think about the Nutmeg range from Morrisons?

We were sent polo shirts, trouser, socks, plimsolls, notebooks, cartridge handwriting pens and calculators for both boys.  I have to say that I was really impressed with the uniform and it is incredible for the price. The trousers are really well made and looked very smart (although they were slightly too big for both boys), they have the adjustable waistbands which I think is really useful and the hems, waistband and fastenings are all sewn well.  The trousers cost £3 per pair.

The polo shirts were the same in terms of quality, well made and smart looking with the buttons very firmly sewn on and they feel very soft to touch although they do crease quite easily as the material is thin.  The polo shirts cost £2 for a pack of two.

The plimsolls are great, they are slip on with thick soles that have lots of grip, so they are perfect for PE and the socks are simple, thin regulation black which are ideal for school. The plimsolls cost £3 per pair and the socks are £1 per pack.

We were also sent some stationery as part of the review which I was quite tempted to keep for myself as I do have a ‘thing’ about stationery, but in the end I did let them have it.  We had two A4 project books which are brilliant value at £2.50.  We also had two handwriting pens which are the boys first ever cartridge pens and after me saying how difficult they are to write with, both boys made it look very easy indeed. 

The final thing for review was a Scientific calculator which both boys were extremely excited about as they love all things gadget like and mathematical.  These will come in handy when they move on to Secondary school and at £3 they are also excellent value.

What did the boys think of the uniform? 
L loved his which made me laugh as we tried it on at 9am and he refused to take it off, saying that it was too comfortable.  He did actually keep it on for most of the day too. R was impressed too although he was quicker to take his off saying that no-one should wear uniform unless they really have to, which is fair enough.  Both boys gave everything a big thumbs up.
So overall we are all pleased and I would choose to buy this uniform based on what I have seen so far, although it still has to pass the ‘boy’ test and it will be interesting to see how it washes and wears after the first few weeks back.
We were sent all of the Back To School items from Morrisons as part of this review.  All opinions and images are our own.


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