VIBE Audio iPad Case and iPhone Amplifier Review

The VIBE Slick Grip 5 in 1 iPad Case has been a huge hit in this house.  Available in three colours (blue, black and red)and available for the iPad, iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire, this simple looking case is a really useful piece of kit .


Made from silicon, first of all, the case has the most amazing feel to it, but the design of the case means that it also provides your tablet with some protection from the inevitable knocks and drops too.  The shape is also a popular feature with the children as it is great for holding and laid flat, it is on an angle which is great for typing or playing and it is also non slip.

The really handy thing about it is that it stands up and this is a really useful feature if you want to watch anything.  As the boys are rather keen on the football at the moment, this has been really useful for A as I can put something on there for her to watch and stand it up so that she doesn’t have to keep messing with it.


The cleverest feature of them all is the sound.  Using specially developed VIBE Sound Booster technology,the case can amplify your iPads built-in speaker by up to 4 times without using batteries.  This works surprisingly well and even the teenager, who is rarely impressed, has commented a few times on how good that it is.

We have been using the case now for about a month and I am really pleased with it.  It can withstand the daily use and knocks and the children all agree that it is a great case and they prefer it to any that we have had before.  At around £30, this is around the same price as other iPad cases on the market and I would definitely buy another one for other devices that we have.

We were also sent the VIBE Slick Rok Silicon Phone Amplifier and I have to admit that when I first saw it, I did wonder how it would work.  It is a small device and again it uses the VIBE Sound Booster technology and without batteries, the ‘Rok’ can amplify your phone’s inbuilt speaker by up to four times.  The teenager was quick to show me how this works and it really does.  I was seriously impressed and tried taking the phone out to show the difference.


You can use the Rok landscape or portrait and so this can be useful not only for listening to music, but also if you are watching something on your phone.  There is also space underneath to connect your charger so you can use it as a docking station too.  At £9.99 this is a really great investment and I may well have to buy another one as the teenager has been quick to take this as he ‘claimed’ that he would use it more than me.


I would definitely recommend the VIBE Audio products that we received to review and so would all of my children.  There are other products in the VIBE Slick range and if you want to find out more, check out their website for more information.

We were sent the VIBE Slick iPad Case and iPhone Amplifier for this review.  All opinions and images are our own.


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