Making screen time educational with Education Quizzes

Making screen time educational with Education Quizzes

Hands up if after the first week of the school holidays, you are already fed up with grappling your children from screens.  I am pretty sure that I am not the only parent with that problem. Thankfully, Education Quizzes may just be the answer, somewhere that combines screen time with learning time.

Making screen time educational with Education Quizzes


Education Quizzes has quizzes for children of all ages, from Reception age through to GCSE , including a section for the 11+ and even an ESL section for those learning English as a second language.  Quizzes are separated into key stage areas with a range of subject areas in each one and the site is really easy to navigate.

Education Quizzes Range of KS1 Subjects

The quizzes are written by teachers and are designed to be easy to use and an enjoyable way to help children with their learning in a way that they will find interesting and engaging. It can be useful during term time to help revise a particular subject area and during the school holidays, what better way to carry on learning and revising in a fun way.

Educational Quizzes Example of a quiz

Having different aged children, I was interested to see how they would get on with the site.  A is six and just about to head into Year 2.  She has made great progress this year in school and has really discovered a love of learning and she loved the site.  A isn’t as much of a screen addict as her brothers but she does love online quizzes like this.  She particularly liked the section on times tables as practising times tables is part of her homework now and she is keen to learn them.  These tests were perfect for her as there isn’t too much writing and she can work through the questions independently. With a lot of the other quizzes, she does need support with reading the questions but it is quite nice to sit with her and go through the quizzes.

Educational Quizzes Times Table Quiz

My two younger sons are screen addicts.  They love screens and it is very difficult to get them away, so I told them about Education Quizzes and they were keen to give it a try.  The Key Stage 3 section has 13 different subject areas and includes a section for times tables and spelling.  Within each section, there are lots of different quizzes to choose from and when you have completed a quiz, it records the date played and your previous score on the right-hand side of the quiz link.  Both boys are competitive and so this is a great feature as it will encourage them to try and beat their previous score and it is also a quick way of seeing how well they are doing.

Education Quizzes KS2 Maths

As a parent and a teacher, I think that Education Quizzes is a really positive way of supporting your children to do well in school and with the current obsession with screen time, it is the perfect way to encourage them to make their screen time matter.  Education Quizzes is accessible via a monthly subscription of £9.95 per month which can be paid by Paypal, debit or credit card.  Schools can also subscribe giving access in school and at home to all of their pupils.

Educational Quizzes Quiz Example


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