How to Throw a Baby Shower

How to Throw a Baby Shower


So you’ve taken it upon yourself to throw a baby shower. First off, take a moment the bask in the fact that you’re an awesome friend and all other humans should bow down to your fraternal greatness. After your glorified moment, realize that you just voluntarily undertook an endeavour that is no small feat. You’re about to plan a party that will in part pave the way for how your dear friend’s baby will be received in this world. Take the proper care in throwing an awesome party by heeding the following advice.

Setting the Date

Baby showers are typically held a month or so before the expected pregnancy. Before setting the date, check with the soon to be mother and father to be sure the day in mind works for them. Also be sure to check with important friends and families to ascertain that they don’t have any scheduling conflicts. Send out invitations at least a month before the set date.

What Guests Make the Cut

Keeping the size of the house where the shower will be thrown in mind, make sure that you don’t invite so many guests so that the house is overflowing with people. Once you’ve nailed down the magic number run your list of guests by the mother-to-be. Although you’ve taken on the responsibility of planning the shower you won’t want to make the mistake of leaving someone out or inviting someone whose presence isn’t wanted.


It’s a festive occasion, so deck the place out with balloons, banners, and infant related accessories. If you’re unsure how to decorate, you can always purchase a kit that supplies you with all your decorating needs. When putting your design hat on consider how much space you’ll be taking up with decorations. The house will already be quite full with guests and their presents, so you may want to decorate more sparsely than anticipated.


You can imagine that the shower will probably last a few hours. Being that it’s such a special occasion you’ll want to prepare a few activities for all involved. After the initial meet and greet, you might want to serve food buffet style or offer refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. After everyone has had their fill to eat, it’s game time. Do your research and find a few games that are light and that centre around the baby. After a few games have been played it’s customary for the mother-to-be to open her gifts.

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