Free Sunday Sundaes for Fancy Dress Kids at TGI Fridays

Free Sunday Sundaes for Fancy Dress Kids at TGI Fridays

Whilst we are thinking about World Book Day and the costumes that our little ones have been sporting this week, why not put those costumes to good use and get your little ones to dress up in their Sunday best for a meal at TGI Fridays.  If they do, they will get a free sundae after their meal and as most kids are more than happy to dress up, why not make the most of it and give them a treat in the process.

We put this to the test recently as my daughter is currently obsessed with being Wonder Woman.  She has not one but two costumes and spends quite a few Sundays spinning around and pretending to be the Amazonian Princess, so to be able to go to a restaurant and be the guest of honour, made her very happy indeed.

Free Sundae for kids in fancy dress at TGI Fridays

As for the rest of us, we were all excited to visit TGI Fridays as it is a restaurant that we haven’t been to for many years and I don’t think the children have ever been.

's always Friday

TGI Fridays is a great restaurant to take children, with the great music and the bright American decor, the children loved it immediately.  When they saw the menus, they loved it even more and it made me wonder why I hadn’t brought them sooner.

I felt a little sorry for the waiter, who had to keep coming back to see what we wanted.  With a menu that good, it is so hard to choose what you want.  I could have quite happily ordered the whole lot.

We are a family that loves starters, so the garlic bread and sharing nachos went down very well. In fact, the nachos were absolutely amazing.

Sharing nachos at TGI Fridays

The mains didn’t disappoint either.  The two youngest had a main from the kid’s menu which I have to say was really impressive.  The menu is split into meals for younger kids; the Little League, and meals for older ones; the Major League.  Both of them were in the Major League and L opted for his favourite pizza and A went for the hot dog.   Portion sizes were good and both kids were very happy with their meals.

TGI Friday hotdog for kids

children's pizza at TGI Fridays

For the rest of us, it was burger time.  We are all lovers of a good burger and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like the Warrior burger.  It is an impressive sight to behold. Filled with two beef burgers piled high with Mozzarella dippers, cheese, bacon,  caramelised onions and mayo, it was hard to know where to start.

Warrior Burger at TGI Fridays

Warrior Burger Close up

R is also a burger lover and went for the much smaller Cheeseburger Deluxe but he thoroughly enjoyed it and we all loved the crispy fries.

The adults and R were so full that pudding was out of the question even though the Popcorn Brownie Sundae sounded so tempting!  Because we had a superhero in our midst, there was a free sundae for A which she loved and L treated himself to a Sweet Shop Sundae which came with a traditional paper bag filled with sumptuous sweets and some popping candy which we all had to try.

TGI Friday's Sweet Shop Sundae

If you haven’t visited a TGI Fridays recently, I thoroughly recommend looking at the menu which you can look at on the website, there are so many amazing options and I know that we will be going again soon. And why not take your little princesses, superheroes or whatever you kids love to dress up as they can get a free Sundae if you take them on a Sunday which is a lovely Sunday treat.

Both teen and tween enjoying TGI Fridays



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