My Little Pony Colouring Adventures

My Little Pony Colouring Adventures

I think that I may have mentioned a few times over the years that my daughter is a fan of My Little Pony.  She loves everything about it, the characters, the stories and when Equestria Girls appeared, I thought that she might explode with excitement.

We recently bought a My Little Pony colouring book for a friend’s birthday and I could see that my daughter wanted to keep it, so when I say that Eaglemoss had created the My Little Pony Colouring Adventures, I knew that they would be perfect for my daughter.  It contains three things she loves; My Little Pony, colouring and also stationery (a habit she has definitely inherited from her mother).

My Little Pony Colouring Adventures Website

My Little Pony Colouring Adventures is a brand new and exciting weekly magazine collection which contains a magazine with fun stories and magical pictures to colour and each week will contain colouring equipment to collect too. The magazine itself is really lovely and will immediately appeal to My Little Pony fans, not only are there pictures to colour in, but each week there is a different story to follow and different challenges to do.

My Little Pony Colouring Adventures Part 1

Part 1 is out now at a bargain price of just 99p and it contains the first magazine, some colouring pencils, washi tape and gem stickers.

Free gifts with Part 1 of My Little Pony Colouring Adventures

My daughter couldn’t wait to get started.  As I type, she is happily colouring in the pictures and is very excited to have an actual gold colouring pencil and sparkly washi tape.  The washi tape and the gems are all used in the colouring book too.

Happily colouring My Little Pony Colouring Adventures

Not only is a perfect activity to keep your My Little Pony fans happy, there are lots of opportunities for them to read too as they progress through the story.

Lots of reading opportunities in My Little Pony Colouring Adventure

Having seen how much my daughter loves this magazine, this is something that I would invest in for her as it is fun and engaging and the free gifts are all useful and can be used as part of the colouring and afterwards too.  She is already planning where she is going to keep her collection and if you buy Part 2 of the collection you will get the first collection box to store all of the colouring equipment inside.

After Part 1 (which is 99p) My Little Pony Colouring Adventures will cost £3.99 each week and there are lots of exciting free gifts in store with each part.  If you use the code TWILIGHT when you subscribe, you will pay £3.99 (a discount of more than 50% for the first three parts which includes the amazing collection box with Part 2.  Visit the Eaglemoss site to find out more about the magazine and enter the code when you subscribe.  My Little Pony Colouring Adventures is only available in the UK.

Colouring in with Princess Celestia in My Little Pony Colouring Adventures

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