The Next Step: How to Connect with Investors

The Next Step: How to Connect with Investors

The Next Step: How to Connect with Investors

Starting a home business is always exciting. You get to manage everything and watch the business grow into something wonderful. There is nothing like watching orders coming in and customers appreciating the products and services you provide. This is probably why a lot of entrepreneurs, especially stay-at-home mums, are addicted to starting new businesses and running them.

Starting the business is only part of the experience. For the new company to truly grow, you need to start thinking about expanding; getting an investor on board is a step you may have to complete to take the business to new heights. According to the online finance department of Northeastern University, there are different ways you can connect with investors. You can find them in colleagues and relatives, or seek angel investors that will help you with more than just funds. Of course, you have to have your business evaluated before you can get the investments you need.

If you want to learn more about startups and business valuation, the Key to Valuation infographic by Northeastern University is a good place to start.

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