Adding Magic to a Princess Party with Hallmark Cards

Adding Magic to a Princess Party with Hallmark Cards

Which Disney Princess would you be if you had the choice?

I think I would choose Rapunzel as she is kind-hearted and courageous and no matter what she gets up to, she always has great hair.  That is a skill I could so do with in my life.

I asked my daughter the same question and at the moment, it is all about Beauty and the Beast as she totally fell in love with the new Disney film, so of course, she chose Belle because she teaches the Beast all about love and kindness (plus she likes books).

Whichever Disney Princess is your favourite, the new range of cards from Hallmark at Tesco are stunning and will please any aspiring Disney Princess.

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Card from Hallmark

With beautiful images depicting the much-loved characters and scenes from the film, many of the cards have thoughtful extras. One card has a small keepsake books for the recipient to keep and enjoy another is a jigsaw puzzle.

Hallmark Disney Beauty and the Beast Puzzle Card

Apart from the beautiful images, the cards often have extra activities inside such as a picture to colour and with the cards, for children to give to mums and dads, there is a space for your child to draw a picture of themselves or colour a picture for them which is a lovely touch.

Hallmark Disney Princess Card for Mum

Hallmark Disney Princess Card for Mum Inside

My absolute favourite card is Disney Princess 3D Princess Stage card which opens out and transforms into a stage with push out characters and different backdrops to use with the stage to create your own scenes from the film.  This would be a gorgeous card to send or receive as it is so much more that just a card.

Disney Princess Cards from Hallmark

Each of the cards also has a positive message and I particularly like the Beauty and the Beast card with the message “Read, Dream, Believe” on the front.

Hallmark Disney Beauty and the Beast Cards with Positive Messages

This selection of cards from Hallmark at Tesco will add something special to every occasion, whether it is a birthday, a thank you card, party invitations or just a card to make someone smile.  To celebrate the launch of the collection, there is an amazing competition where your child can design their own princess dress for a chance for that dress design to be made for your child and their friend.  How exciting is that? We will be entering that is for sure.  To enter, all you have to do is purchase any Disney card from a Tesco store and create your design on the entry form and send it in before 21st May 2017.  Find out more about the competition here

I love the idea of using the cards as part of a princess party, maybe as thank you cards or even invitations.   As this is the theme my daughter has requested for her birthday party later this year, She has been planning it ever since her last birthday and has lots of exciting plans and activities lined up to keep her friends amused.

This year, I am leaving the organisation to my daughter.  She is seven going on seventeen and is quite certain that she is going to organise the best party ever.  We had a Disney Princess night a couple of weeks ago, where we watched one of our favourite Disney Princess movies which this time was the original Beauty and the Beast film. There were tiaras, bubbles, snacks and drinks, all served in Disney Princess tableware of course and we made plans for the perfect Princess party.

Princess Party Everything Matching

So I asked my daughter to tell me what she thought would make the perfect princess party and this is what she had to say.

Balloons.  There has to be balloons and lots of them, all different colours and sizes so that we can use them to play games with as well as use them for decorations.

You can't Have a Party Without Balloons

Dressing up.  Everyone has to dress up as a princess and wear a tiara or a crown, we rather like these comb tiaras from the Tesco party bag range, colourful, cute and easy to put in.

Princess Party Playtime

Games are also very important.  Every party needs games.  According to my miniature party expert, there are so many princess games to play.

  • Who can blow the biggest bubble?
  • Pin the tiara on the princess.
  • Princess tag
  • Frozen themed snowman building with marshmallows
  • Princess themed scavenger hunt
  • Tiara tossing, try and get a tiara or a necklace around a bottle

Princess crafts are essential.  One of the highlights of A’s last party was when the girls all sat around the table colouring and creating, it some calm time in amongst the madness and it also gives them something to take home with them.  So why not create some beautiful tiaras.  Make glittery pictures. Turn a handprint into a princess castle. Buy a selection of beads and make some princess jewellery. Or simply print out some Disney Princess colouring sheets and get them colouring and add some glitter and sequins to give their pictures that special princess magic.

Princess Party Princess Crafts

And of course, there has to be food.  According to my daughter, the food all has to be pink.  This could be interesting but I am sure that with a few drops of food colouring, I can make pink cakes and biscuits without too much trouble.  Pink bread might be fun though.

Princess Party Treat Time

Finally, when everyone is worn out from all of the excitement my daughter wants to settle down and watch a Disney film. Which one?  Beauty and the Beast of course and hopefully as her birthday is a few months away, the latest film should be available on DVD by then.

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