Easter Gift Guide for Kids

Easter Gift Guide for Kids

It’s that time of the year again when the supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of millions of chocolate eggs in various sizes and designs.  Whilst I love Easter and the lovely long break that we have, I have to admit that the thought of the house being full of endless amounts of chocolate does not.  Of course, there has to be some chocolate as it wouldn’t be Easter without it, but some years, with four children, I have felt as though we will still be eating our Easter chocolate at Christmas

So this year, I have been on the lookout for some gift ideas instead, some edible, some not but all really great ideas.

For the child who likes soft toys …

This gorgeous little Easter bunny from Born Gifted is just the perfect Easter present and is small enough to be added to an Easter hunt too.  Imagine your little one’s face when they zip open the cuddly carrot to find an even cuddlier little rabbit.

Rabbit in a Carrot by Teddykompaniet from Born Gifted

Rabbit in a Carrot by Teddykompaniet is a small, soft bright orange plush carrot with a green felt top and a zip.  The rabbit comes in two colours.  Suitable for all ages (and I want one too) it costs £5.99 and is just about the cutest thing I have seen this Easter.  Find this and lots more Easter ideas on the Born Gifted website.

Home Bargains are also cashing in on cuteness with this Plush Lamb which is super soft and very huggable and such a bargain at £1.99.

Plush Lamb from Home Bargains

Or for a cuddly toy with a difference, what about this Colour Your Own Bunny which comes with a clear outline to follow and a set of pens. Colour Your Own Bunny costs £3.49.

Colour Your Own Bunny from Home Bargains

Build-A-Bear have some very special Easter friends in store for children to make, create and love.  With bunnies, lambs, chicks and even a wonderful bunny costume for a bear, there are adorable Easter animals for everyone and all children will love the Build-A-Bear process as it so special and they can accessorise their new Easter friends too.

Build-A-Bear Easter Collection

Find out more about the Build-A-Bear collection here.


For the child who likes lip balms …

My daughter, like so many girls, loves lip balms.  She is still too young for make-up but lip balms of different flavours and colours are just fine and she has got quite a collection now.  Lip Smacker already have a whole range of incredible flavours, but they have now added new Candy Crush flavours and these along with other favourites such as Reese’s, Hershey’s and Jelly Bean.

Lip Smacker Lip Balms

These little sweet treats are high on colour and flavour and would make a great chocolate alternative this Easter.

For the child who likes stationery …

One of our favourite stationery brands, Smiggle, have a genius Easter gift which has ‘eggstra’ appeal (see what I did there?). The Smiggle Scented Egg Carton is a realistic cardboard egg carton which contains six colourful plastic eggs inside.

Smiggle Scented Eraser Egg Carton

Open each egg and you will find six different scented erasers which smell of either chocolate or vanilla.  They smell good enough to eat!

Smiggle Scented Eraser Egg Carton Eraser close upEach eraser is a good size and there are size different ones in the carton. The Smiggle Scented Eraser Egg Carton costs £7 and if you find the golden egg in your carton, you have won a £150 Smiggle shopping spree.

For the child who likes reading …

We were sent a copy of Mango & Bambang: Tiny Tapir Trouble last year and both my daughter and I absolutely loved it.  Beautifully illustrated with charming stories, these books are designed for younger readers and each book has four short stories and these are perfect for bedtime.  Mango is a little girl and Bambang a tapir and they get up to all sorts of wonderful adventures.  The stories have a wonderfully old-fashioned feel to them and are enjoyable for the parents reading them but they are delightful and very appealing to children.  There are four books to read; The Not a Pig (book one), Tapir all at Sea (book two), Tiny Tapir Trouble (book three) and Superstar Tapir (book four).  All four books are available in glorious hardback and book one and two are also available in paperback.

Mango & Bambang by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy

For the child who likes playing games …

We haven’t tried a new game for a while and with a tween, teen and a daughter obsessed with emojis, Emotify by Jumbo really appealed to me.

Emotify by Jumbo

Emotify is a team game where each player takes it in turns to use combinations of Emoti tiles within a given theme to create the name or the title of something for your teammates to guess in a set time.

Jumbo Emotify Game Box Contents

Easy to set up and play, Emotify is a fast-paced game which will appeal to children, tweens and teens as well as adults. Available from Debenhams and Amazon (RRP £19.99).

For the child who likes a gentle hair brush  …

Rock & Ruddle Ducks Hairbrush

Rock & Ruddle hairbrushes are not ordinary brushes. We already use brushes from their range which are all high quality, made from ethically-sourced bristles.  The brushes are strong and resilient, have a natural stiffness that means that they brush the hair thoroughly and yet don’t pull as they are drawn through it.  They have microscopic scales that release and drag the sebum (natural oil) that is produced in the scalp distributing it along the hair making it shiny and healthy looking. My daughter hates having her hair brushed and she loves these brushes as she says that they don’t hurt as much as other brushes.

Rock & Ruddle Duck Hair Brush close up

This beautiful design is designed for babies and young children and there is also a rabbit design making these brushes the perfect Easter gift for younger children.  Find out more on the Rock & Ruddle website.

For the child who is artistic …

Maped Helix make regular appearances on this blog and for good reason, their Color’peps colouring and painting range is perfect to inspire little artists with sets that are both innovative and easy and fun to use.The Color’peps Jungle felt tips are a brilliant idea and the pen lids are integrated into the soft base that can be turned inside out to act as the perfect pen holder.

Maped Helix Color'peps Colouring and Painting Kids Range

New for this year is Color’peps Superhero Paints which are bright coloured bottles of poster paint which can be mixed together to create endless colours.  Each bottle features an individual superhero name, mask and cape and an easy to open flip cap lid.  They look so cool and are great fun to use.

Maped color'peps Superhero Paints

Also available is the Color’peps Superhero watercolour paint including 12 watercolour tablets in a superhero themed plastic storage box with a paintbrush.

Also, new to the Color’peps range is the Gel colouring crayons.  10 chunky, easy-grip, twist up crayons in great colours, perfect for little hands.  These can also be used to create a watercolour effect by adding a small amount of water to the colour on the paper with a damp paintbrush.

Maped color'peps Gel Crayons

We love the Color’peps range and if you like the look of it, check out the Maped Helix website for more information.

For the child who likes to keep moving …

Now, this is top of my daughter’s wishlist and has been for a year or longer.  Heelys. She loves the look of them.  She can spot someone wearing them a mile away and finds them fascinating.

Skates.co.uk Heelys

Over at www.Skates.co.uk, they have a fantastic range of Heelys and lots of advice about which ones are the best for children of different ages.  This was really useful for me as I must admit that I thought my daughter was too young, but Heelys come with two wheels and one wheel, the two-wheeled Heelys are suitable for younger children and help them get their balance.  You can take the second wheel out once they are more confident if you want to.

Heelys X2 Plus Shoes Light Pink White

I chose the Heelys X2 Plus Shoes in light pink and white and they look amazing.  Shoes with attitude.  The Heelys come with the wheels unattached and there is a tool to help you put them in and remove them and this is easy to do.

Heelys X2 Plus Shoes Light Pink White

At £59.99 this would be quite an investment as an Easter gift but the benefits are that these shoes will get your child outside and be getting lots of fresh air and exercise. I suspect that for most of the Easter holidays I will be found running after my daughter as she speeds around everywhere on her new Heelys.

For the child who likes superheroes….

DC Super Friends Slingable Fun Sounds Super Friends

A fun twist on the traditional game of catch, the DC Super Friends Slingable Fun Sounds Super Friends (RRP £7.99) feature cool oversized fists and flowing capes, which look awesome when they are flying through the air.  The best thing about them is that they make comic book character sounds when they are caught which is hilarious.   There are three to collect – choose from Batman, Superman and The Joker and they are suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

DC Super Friends Slingable Fun Sounds Super Friends Superman

For the child who loves making things with chocolate…

The Chocolate Lolly Maker (SSP £17.99) includes everything you need to have a ‘Hoppy’ Easter – just melt, mould, wrap and before you know it you’ve got lots of scrumptious chocolate lollies to share with your friends and family. The set includes four different moulds; a flower, heart, horse, and most importantly at this time of year – a rabbit.  Perfect for creating your own chocolate Easter bunny lolly.

Chocolate Lolly Maker

This is such a lovely idea and of course, something you can use time and time again.  It contains everything you need to make a selection of lollies, just add chocolate.  It is really simple to use, melt the chocolate in the clever melting dish, pour into the moulds, freeze for 20 minutes and use the wrapping device to wrap, add a ribbon and you have professional looking lollipops to enjoy or to give to friends.

Making lollipops with Chocolate Lolly Maker

Indigo Herbs is a wonderful website.  Their company is all about providing good quality natural health products at affordable prices and their product range is wonderful.  You can buy these products but also find recipes, advice, product benefits, a blog and even a practitioner directory.

Thanks to one of their wonderful kits, you can become a chocolatier and create your own nutritious and delicious dairy-free, gluten-free vegan chocolates with 100% purest natural ingredients. Cacao is high in protein, dietary fibre, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and it’s a source of calcium and selenium. Packed with feel-good phytochemicals and antioxidants.  With enough ingredients to make 20 – 25 small chocolates and including goji berries and brazil nuts, these will be a delicious and healthy chocolate alternative which you can enjoy making with your children and teach them all about the process of making chocolate.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set

The kit comes in beautifully packaged and with such exciting ingredients, this would make a wonderful gift. We haven’t had a chance to make the chocolate as yet, but when we do we will share the results on Instagram over the Easter break.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set Contents

Indigo Herbs is a website well worth visiting and you can find it here.

For children who like a bit of everything…

Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger is one of my favourite shops.  A company that started in Denmark but has grown and now has nearly 100 stores across the UK, the shops are filled with things that you need, things you want and things you never even knew existed, all at great prices. Whenever we go to a shop, my daughter and I always come away with a bag full of goodies from stationery to food, homewares to toys, all brightly coloured and uniquely designed and their Easter range is amazing and perfect for a fun Easter table.

Easter goodies from Flying Tiger

With a What’s Up doc? Easter rabbit decoration which is reminiscent of Peter Rabbit, cute wooden Easter egg hanging decorations, set of three decorative eggs and clip of chicks, you and your children can have great fun with these.  Find out more about the Easter range on the Flying Tiger website.

Home Bargains

Home Bargains is another of our favourite shops as there is always lots of interesting things to buy and their seasonal ranges are always great as you can pick up lots of exciting things without spending lots of money. Their Easter range this year certainly won’t disappoint and here are just a few ideas that will make you hoppy this Easter.

Easter Goodies from Home Bargains

The Easter Hanging plaque is really lovely and only 99p.  You could have great fun in the garden on Easter Sunday with the Chocolate Egg and Spoon Race Kit which costs £1.99 or if like me, you love jelly beans, the jelly bean carrot is only 79p.

Easter at Home Bargains

If you have creative kids, this Paint Your Own Bunny Egg Cup is super cute and a snip at £1.69 or the cupcake set will inspire some Easter baking for just 99p.

More Easter Fun at Home Bargains


We certainly had some fun with these Bunny Ears and Easter Bubble Tube £1.49.

Bunny ears and bubbles

Of course, if you are wanting chocolate treats for an Easter egg hunt, Home Bargains also have a range of Easter eggs and chocolate treats along with a range of buckets and bags to collect them in.

Easter hunt treats from Home Bargains

Cadbury Mini Eggs (90g) 89p, Maltesers Mini Bunny Egg 95p and Carrot Bag 99p.

Easter hunt with Home Bargains

This gorgeous Easter Hunt Bucket is only 79p and Chocolate Lolly is 59p.

Easter Bags of fun from Home Bargains

There is even a range of Easter gift bags starting at just 49p.

Hello Moon

Hello Moon is a gorgeous website filled with wonderfully designed wall art for adults and children which can be personalised.  If you order anything from their website between now and 13th April, you get a free Family Easter Colouring Pack which is filled with lots of fun Easter activities which will keep your children occupied.

Hello Moon Family Easter Colouring Pack

Hello Moon Family Easter colouring Pack 2


We were sent these items for the purpose of this post.  All images and opinions are our own. 



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