Take some time to pamper your hair

Take some time to pamper your hair

When it comes to haircare, I am the first to admit that I am pretty rubbish at looking after my hair.  Lack of time is the biggest problem and I get stuck in a rut when it comes to hair care products too.  I buy whatever is on offer in the supermarket and although I do try and buy products that are suitable for my hair, I never take the time to research new products and I rarely buy any special treatments to give my hair a boost.

Many years ago, before children came along to cut short my bathroom time, I loved spending time looking after my hair.  I chose my hair products carefully and always invested in special treatments which I would use every week without fail.  I have been having my hair highlighted for as far back as I can remember and this does take its toll on hair.  My hair is often quite dry and as it is very fine and straight, I fall into the limp lifeless hair category which is quite frustrating at times and I have never been particularly convinced that any hair care products could really help.

Now I know that it is worth investing time and money in your hair.  I often bought my shampoo and conditioner from the salon as it was lovely to keep having that ‘salon feeling’ even at home and even though the cost can be a lot higher than high street brands, you often don’t need as much product, so it should last a lot longer.

The Harley Street Hair Clinic know all about hair care.  They are most famous for their FUE hair transplant treatment and also offer other treatments including advanced tricho pigmentation for eyebrows and they sent me some of their favourite hair care products to try which I have been doing over the last few weeks.  It has been a real treat.

Hair Care Hamper from The Harley Street Hair Clinic

There were two shampoos, both aimed at adding volume to hair. Firstly Sachajuan’s Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo which is a brilliant blue colour and is lovely to use.  Using the brand’s ‘Ocean Silk’ technology which is a cocktail of marine algae extracts this shampoo will help to enhance strand-strength, suppleness and shine making hair soft, clean and bouncy.  Having used it for a few days, it has a lovely gentle scent and a small amount goes a long way.  It left my hair feeling amazing.

Secondly, Leonor Greyl Bain Volumateur Aux Algues is a similar shampoo to the Ocean Mist as it uses seaweed extract to clean and add volume. This shampoo smells absolutely gorgeous with a light scent that reminds me of honeysuckle and again, you only need a small amount each time and it cleans and leaves hair feeling amazing.

Finally, a conditioner to go with the shampoos Balmain’s Moisturizing Conditioner.  This is a conditioner that is perfect for coloured hair, enriched with Argan, it repairs, strengthens and protects hair and after using it, my hair felt incredibly soft.

I have to admit that with a price tag in the £20 region for each of these products, it is a lot more than I would usually spend on hair care but the results are amazing.  My hair feels soft, bouncy and light and so I think it is worth spending a more on products if they make your hair feel that great.  I will certainly be spending more time thinking about my choice of hair care products in the future, that is for certain.

I was sent these haircare products in return for this post.  All opinions are my own. 




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