Collecting Moments – April

Collecting Moments – April

When I got to the end of April, I did wonder if we had really done very much. It was a manic month filled with seemingly endless appointments, parent’s evenings, sporting fixtures and even with the two-week holiday, it didn’t seem as though we had done much as a family. That is one of the lovely things about taking so many photos, when I looked back, actually, we had done more than I thought.

collecting moments april leaving

After months of agonising about whether or not to stay working in education, I made the break at the beginning of the month. My part-time job was beginning to encroach more and more into my family time and that was one of the reasons I left teaching in the first place. So I bid farewell with mixed feelings. Sad to say goodbye to some lovely friends that I had made along the way but not sad the leave a job that I felt had been dragging me down. My new job is completely different and a different shift pattern too, enabling me to focus on the more important things; my family and of course my blog and I can spend more time freelancing again. Now there is more of a balance and even after just a few weeks in the routine, I am so much happier. So, it was the right decision.

Collecting moments April Beach Fun

The first weekend of the Easter holidays found us back at our happy place, in South Wales. The beach near my in law’s house is the perfect place to take the children and we always love our time down there. An evening stroll along the beach as the sun began to set was just perfect with these two and we spent a lovely evening walking and playing.

Collecting Moments April Family Meal

What happens when you take teens out for a family meal? This photo pretty much sums it up I think. We went out for a family meal to celebrate a birthday and the boys and their cousin just sat looking at their screens in between eating. Everyone else enjoyed the meal (and I only took my phone out to capture this photo, I promise). Meal finished and we headed back to the beach again for some family football and it was lovely to see three generations all joining in.

Collecting Moments April Football on the Beach

We did deliberately try not to plan too much for the Easter holidays as everyone was tired and in need of a break. There were a couple of parties for little miss A including her first ever pizza party at Frankie & Benny’s which is now top of the list for her own party later this year.

Collecting Moments April Pizza Party

A day at the Snow Dome in Tamworth with friends turned out to be a fabulous day out. With swimming, tobogganing and ice skating it was a day to remember and we were all exhausted. Totally worth it though.

Collecting Moments April Snow Dome

All three of the children have developed a taste for trampoline parks and they do seem to be the place to go at the moment. It is great exercise though and so, after much nagging from the teen, we went to Air Hop in Bristol to see what it was like on the last day of the holidays. It looked amazing. As usual, I watch and hold the shoes but they all enjoyed it. It is much bigger than the one we usually go to and there were extra things to do such as the Wipe Out you can see in the photo. They all enjoyed but decided they preferred the one nearer to home.

Collecting Moments April Air Hop Bristol

In search of bluebells, we dragged our daughter out for a walk up Bredon Hill and of course, she loved it once she was there and it was lovely to see the beautiful blanket of bluebells in the wood.

Collecting Moments April Bluebell Walk

Back to school and the new routine means that I have some time to tackle the long list of jobs that need doing around the house. Starting with the living room, gone is the mucky magnolia with something much brighter and fresher.

Collecting Moments April Decorating

April ended on a high with the teen taking his Tae Kwon Do grading and achieving his red belt. His hard work and dedication has paid off and the black belt is in his sights.

Collecting Moments April Red belt



  1. May 8, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    It looks like a lovely month! And how did I miss that you’d had a career change?! Congratulations! It sounds like it’s working a lot better for you.
    Well done to your boy for his tae kwan do, that’s fantastic! I’m in trouble for taking my kids to a trampoline park yesterday because they’re so flipping expensive! I’ve never actually paid to take them before.
    Your lounge looks lovely – I love that colour.

  2. May 9, 2017 / 9:31 am

    It looks like you’ve had a brilliant month! I love the photo of the boys at the table with their phones! We have a trampoline park opening near us soon, I’m looking forward to going along, they look great fun!

  3. Helen
    May 10, 2017 / 10:49 am

    The trampolining looks like SO much fun! Also love the photo of everyone on their phones at the table – typical haha

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