How to turn family photographs into stylish features

How to turn family photographs into stylish features

People should be proud of their family photographs. The whole reason you took them in the first place is because you wanted to remember those moments forever, so you shouldn’t hide them away in a drawer or in the archives of your phone or computer. Unfortunately, this is exactly what most people do, afraid that they will interfere with their stylish décor or perfect interior design. These days though, you don’t just have to print them out on standard paper and find a frame that sort-of matches your other decorations. There are dozens of ways to turn your cherished family moments into works of art, and here are just a few ideas…

Canvas wall art

Let’s start with the simplest option – a large canvas print. People are used to looking for these in design shops and homeware stores, but they don’t often think to simply create their own. You might have taken a beautiful sunset picture or beach landscape photo yourself, so why go out and buy one that doesn’t mean anything to you? Whatever colour scheme you have in your living space, pick a family photograph that picks up on those shades. Then, have it blown up into your very own canvas wall art – simple, but effective.

Black and white

Changing a photograph into black and white makes it instantly more modern and stylish. The contrast of colour creates more drama in the image, more impact, and makes it more interesting to look at for visitors. There are many online photograph developers now who can easily produce a black and white version of a digital image for you, and there’s even some software available to trial if you’d like to do it yourself!

Displaying photos 2-2

Funky feature walls

If you’d like something a little different from the usual one-large-image-across-a-wall style, then look no further. These days, the trend is to create funky feature walls using photographs, and one of the most popular methods is to have several photographs framed in identical frames and create a symmetrical pattern on one large expanse of wall. It will draw the eye and create a colourful focal point in the room.

A new way to frame

Another popular way of displaying photographs is to create a vintage polaroid look with the printing and use tiny clips or pegs to attach them to string. You can then string this “washing line” look across a large vintage frame and mount it to the wall. This blends an antique look with a contemporary design while allowing you to easily change the photos you use. For added impact, use several different frames and arrange them on a wall.

displaying photos 1-2

Don’t forget about the outside space

Finally, don’t forget that there are far more materials around that just paper. If you have your photographs engraved onto metal or carved into wood instead, you can then start to style your outdoor space too. These types of materials are built to withstand the elements, so your memories really will last a lifetime!

How do you display your family photos?


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  1. May 13, 2017 / 7:18 am

    We print off photos and have well over 100 albums of them! We do have photos in frames around the house, but they all tended to be of when the kids were smaller, with the most recent ones being four or five years ago. We have just created a family photo wall in our hall, which has a large blank wall. We’ve mixed up the colours of frames and sizes of photos and somehow it works, despite not being properly symmetrical. And we’ve got lots of space to grow it! I can’t stop looking at it, I love it.

  2. May 13, 2017 / 10:26 am

    I love the idea of a gallery wall. I’ve seen wire frames where you can peg your photos on to it which looks fab

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