What does Dad really want for Father’s Day?

What does Dad really want for Father’s Day?

With Father’s day less than a month away, I am starting to think about what to get my husband from the children.  I usually buy him something and the children make cards and a present, although as they are getting older, they are less enthusiastic about such events.

When I think back to the presents I used to buy for my own father, buying for men used to be a real chore with socks, a bottle of something nice, aftershave or a tie being the norm.  I think I even bought him a box of handkerchiefs one year.  Can you imagine buying a box of handkerchiefs for someone these days?  Can you even buy them now? And as for socks, well they aren’t very exciting are they?

So this year, I thought I would ask the man himself what he wanted.  That way I can’t get it wrong.

A day out with his family

One thing that I love about my husband is that he puts family first.  He would much spend time with us than spend time playing sport or going out with friends.  He knows that these years are precious and that soon enough the children will be grown up and living their own lives.  He loves to go out for days whether it is a long walk, playing at the park or a day at a theme park.  So top of his list would be a family day out.

Creating Family Memories at Walt Disney World Resort

A lie in

When you have a child that doesn’t sleep, it can be really hard.  My husband used to be someone who didn’t need sleep.  That was until we had our second son.  He has never slept through the night.  When he wakes up, he likes his dad to keep him company (mainly because he knows that if he wakes me up, he will get a very grumpy mum).  So these days, my husband does sleep very well and so a nice undisturbed lie in would be high on his Father’s Day list.


My husband loves chocolate.   It is his guilty pleasure.  At Easter, I have to tell him off for trying to eat some of the children’s’ Easter eggs.  I pretty much guarantee that any chocolate I buy with the weekly shop is sniffed out and eaten within 24 hours.  Any chocolate will do but he is very partial to Hotel Chocolat at the moment, so when he received an early Father’s Day treat from them, I don’t think I have ever seen a large box of chocolates disappear so quickly in my whole life.  When I asked why he hadn’t saved one for me, he just shrugged and said that as it said on the box it was a Father’s Day Sleekster, he assumed that they were all for him. Charming!  They did look delicious too.

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Sleekster

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day Chocolates

Tickets to a sporting event

It doesn’t really matter what sport, he will watch any sport and loves nothing more than taking in the atmosphere of a live match.  Life is so busy that he rarely gets the chance to go but when he does, he talks about it for weeks afterwards.  Rugby is the game of choice but he will happily watch football, cricket, athletics, basketball as I said, any sport really.

Sporting events

A nice cold beer

We aren’t big drinkers but every now and then we do like to share a bottle of wine but when the summer weather hits, my hubby does enjoy a nice cold beer.  Now I had no idea that Hotel Chocolat make beer?  For beer lovers who love chocolate, this could be the perfect combination.  My husband couldn’t wait to try it and said it was delicious, a good ale with a hint of cocoa, he said he would definitely drink it again.

Hotel Chocolat Dark Cocoa Beer

Maybe I will throw in a box of handkerchiefs for good measure?

Happy Father's Day from Hotel Chocolat

Thank you to Hotel Chocolat for some Father’s Day goodies that inspired this post. 



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  1. May 31, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    Ooh these are lovely ideas..a lie in sounds blissful!

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