How To Help Your Garden In All Seasons

How To Help Your Garden In All Seasons

When the coldness of winter arrives, we abandon the garden for the warmth of indoor. But as with all seasons, by helping the plants and shrubs in our garden, they can withstand all seasons…

Protect in Winter

The winter garden needs protection from the worst of the winter weather. This can be something as simple as spreading mulch over the soil so that when the bulbs of spring awake, they have plenty of protection and food to grow.

Nurture in Spring

The days may be warmer, but the nights can be cold. Sudden cold snaps can damage new growth. Nurture the plants in your garden in spring and protect vulnerable seedlings.

Enjoy in Summer

Pick strawberries straight from the plant and tomatoes straight from the vine. Enjoy the buzzing bees and they suck pollen from your flowers and pollinate plants of all kinds. Enjoy the sunshine and the garden in its full majestic glory.

Relax in Autumn

Don’t disappear back indoors as soon as autumn arrives. Enjoy the colours in between autumnal rains. Start to protect plants but enjoy the fruits of the late autumn harvest.

A garden is a magical place all year round. Take a fresh look at the four seasons in your garden

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