Top Family Activities for a Fun Weekend

Top Family Activities for a Fun Weekend

Thursday arrives, you can feel the weekend is around the corner, and start to seriously think about what the family is going to do, other than sleep in. After a stressful week at work, or school, all you really want is a bit of a break, sprinkled with a ton of fun!

Thinking of weekend activities can be a dreary task, especially if you have kids. Finding those restaurants that are kid food friendly, movies that are age appropriate and activities that don’t have an age restriction are often difficult to uncover.

You start to realise that you have visited the same place, countless times, because, well there’s just not many decent options!

Before you is a list of activities you probably never thought of doing! The time is here to think outside the box – switch things up. There’s only so many times you can go to the park, build sand castles on the beach and visit the zoo.

The answer to all your weekend woes, following is a list of the best family outings, which takes all ages into consideration and ensure that you’re not just entertaining the kiddies, but having a blast yourself!


Now you probably didn’t think of this tremendous idea, because you thought it wouldn’t accommodate your young kids. But, there’s good news! A family outing that screams fun and excitement for the whole family does in fact exist, there are paintball places that allow children to play! What’s even better is that everyone will be getting some exercise and the kids will definitely be snoozing before their bed-time! Now that’s a win-win!

Why not do something different this weekend and try paint balling

Source: TripAdvisor


The Amusement Park

Almost every city in this day and age has an amusement park. It’s a hit with families, as it’s extremely enjoyable and is the ideal place to let your hair down and scream to your heart’s content. Think of blood-rushing, adrenaline-pumping rides, laughs and happy memories! Sounds like therapy to me!

 Why not add an adrenaline rush to your weekend with a trip to a theme park

The Science Museum

I get that museums can get a little boring, but the science museum is so far from it, you’ll think you’re on another planet! It’s interesting, educational and everyone in the family can learn a thing or two, here. Feed your mind with draw-dropping facts and experience how it feels to walk on the moon or live in a virtual reality.

A science museum can be fun for the whole family


Every child and adult can give up some time to give back to the community, whether this is helping at a soup kitchen or being a friend to orphaned kids. It’s a great way to teach your children values, morals and help them to understand other walks of life. 

Give something back and sign up for a family volunteering session  

Cooking Classes

They’re never too young to learn, and getting your kids familiar with kitchen utensils and whipping up a mean dish, means less work for you! Just kidding, cooking is a fun activity and what better way to bond with the family than getting stuck into cooking a meal together! After all, you can brush up on your skills while they’re making a mess-I mean, cooking.
A weekend of baking means a weekend of eating

Watch a Sport at the Stadium

Other than the fact that dad will love this idea, the kids will have a blast, and they’ll have a chance to learn more about whichever sport they’re watching. There is also an electric vibe at sports stadiums, and most people dress up in support of their favourite team, which makes the experience that much more exciting. So, get into the spirit and pick an outfit, shout, clap, eat and have an awesome time!

Whatever your favourite sport, it is always better to watch it live

Go Camping

Camping strikes a perfect balance between ultimate relaxation and fun, and it gives you, and the children, time to step away from technology. So, no worrying about checking up on those emails and the kids will have an epic time climbing trees and getting their hands dirty!

A weekend away camping can be a great weekend activity for spending quality time as a family

I hope that these ideas have inspired and created excitement for the weekends to come. Having fun while bonding with the family is the ultimate goal, and this list gives you ample ideas for creative, exciting and active days out with the entire family.



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