What is your birth flower?

What is your birth flower?

Did you know that there were birth flowers?  I didn’t.  I knew about birthdays, birthstones and star signs but birth flowers are a new one on me.

When you think about it it makes perfect sense. Flowers are so symbolic for so many reasons. If you explore the meaning of flowers, you will discover that many flowers have symbolic meaning.  Roses are symbolic of love and daffodils symbolise new beginnings.  When you think of the red poppies, you immediately think of the battlefields during the war. Flowers are given and used at key times in people’s lives. It is fascinating to explore the meanings of different flower names and where they originate from and some evoke powerful thoughts and memories.

poppies are very symbolic flowers

Flowers evoke really strong memories for me, my grandfather was a gardener and I was never happier growing up than when I was in his garden.  Back then, his garden was a constant source of amusement and fascination.  Filled with flowers and plants of different types, there were rows upon rows to explore along with two huge greenhouses always warm and heavily scented.  His garden was a testament to his talent and he would create stunning bouquets and wreaths for people in the area.

Sadly, the green-fingered gene missed me and although I am not blessed with the ability to grow flowers, I do still have a fascination for them.  I always like to have a vase of flowers in the kitchen and they always make me smile. I am also obsessed with taking photos of flowers of all different types.

flowers often have a meaning whether it is for a special occasion, evoking a memory or symbolism

Discovering that there were birth flowers then was really interesting.  Flying Flowers know a lot about flowers and they have created a beautifully illustrated article about birth flowers including the symbolism of each birth flower and what it means along with some other interesting facts. Armed with this information, a bouquet containing a few of a child’s birth flowers would make a wonderful and meaningful gift for a new baby.

Flying Flowers Birth Flowers

I had a few guesses at which flower my birth flower might be and when I checked, it was fairly obvious. My birthday is in December and of course, the birth flower for this month is the poinsettia.  Bright, colourful and striking, this beautiful flower is one that we automatically associate with Christmas and the festive season.  We always have one in the house at Christmas, so I must have known subconsciously as there are three of us in this house who were born in December.

I discovered that the poinsettia is my birth flower

My eldest son is an October baby and his flower is a Marigold.  Interesting again as this is a flower which originated in the Mediterranean and my son has Mediterranean blood in his veins.  My youngest son was born in August, his flower is the gladiolus which symbolises a strong personality.  He certainly has one of those!  Finally, my 13-year-old is January born and his birth flower is a carnation.  Carnations made a regular appearance in my grandfather’s garden and they symbolise a sensitive person who is always willing to help out a friend.  Again, that describes my son very well.

my eldest son's birth flower is a marigold

The next time you are thinking about buying flowers for someone, whatever the occasion, why not find out what the recipients birth flower is and make the gift even more special?

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