Becoming a Mermaid with Planet Mermaid

Becoming a Mermaid with Planet Mermaid

My daughter has been obsessed with mermaids ever since she was a little girl. There is something magical about mermaids and I suspect her obsession started when she first watched Disney’s The Little Mermaid when she sat open-mouthed through the whole film.

Even now as she approaches her 8th birthday, she still loves stories about mermaids when I can slowly see other childhood favourites such as fairies featuring less and less in her games and stories.

When I showed her the Planet Mermaid website, she was totally amazed. “So I can swim and look like an actual mermaid?”

Planet Mermaid website


Planet Mermaid offers something completely different and has cleverly taken an idea that appeals to children and made it a reality.  How many children have dreamt of being a mermaid?  Well, with one of the Planet Mermaid tails, they can do just that. Planet Mermaid has a range of mermaid tails, all beautifully designed in dazzling colours. Complete with scales and fins, the tails look so realistic and they slide on like a skirt and fit snugly around the waist.

The tails are created from a breathable fabric with an opening at the bottom making them extra safe to wear. They look and feel beautiful.

As part of the review, we were asked if we would like to choose a tail from the Planet Mermaid Royal Koi Mermaid Tails.  This collection comprises four different tails which can be accessorised with tankinis and hair scrunchies (at an additional cost).  The designs are stunning, all inspired by Royal Koi fish with their colourful scales.  After a very long deliberation, my daughter chose the Kensington Bluebell.

The Royal Koi collection of Mermaid Tails from Planet Mermaid

Excited was an understatement and once she had chosen her tail, she asked me several times every day if it had arrived yet.

Kensington Bluebell Mermaid Tail from Planet Mermaid

When it did arrive, it came in an enormous pretty box, so we knew straight away that it was something special. Wrapped in tissue paper the tail, matching tankini and monofin were all beautifully presented and wrapped. Inside the lid of the box were the words: she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.

Inside the Planet Mermaid box

The tail is beautiful.  In fact, it looks even better than on the website, the colours and the designs are so striking and both my daughter and I absolutely love it.

Our Kensington Bluebell Mermaid Tail from Planet Mermaid

If you opt to order a tankini to go with the tail the colour goes perfectly with the tail.

Planet Mermaid Tankini

When you are buying your Mermaid Tail, you also have the option to buy a Magic Fin Monofin, which is a flexible, durable fin that can be used with or without the tail.  It attaches to both feet using two ‘socks’ but it is really easy to get on and more importantly to get off. The Magic Fin Monofin makes the mermaid swimming experience even better as it helps the wearer to power through the water.  It is perfectly safe to use as long as the child is supervised and you follow the safety guidelines which come with the monofin and they are also on the website.

Planet Mermaid Magic Fin Monofin

The Planet Mermaid concept is something completely unique. Planet Mermaid allows girls of all ages to fulfil their fantasies of becoming mermaids and I can see from my own daughter’s reaction to her mermaid tail that this is such a magical gift.  Planet Mermaid offers a huge range of other products too in addition to the Mermaid Tails, you can buy tankinis, bikini tops, t-shirts, crop tops, hair wraps, scrunchies, briefs and there is even a range suitable for boys, all with the stunning designs and beautifully made.

I particularly like the Mermaid Leggings, which would make a lively addition to any wardrobe to be worn in and out of the water and I am tempted to invest in a pair for A for Christmas as I know she would love them.

Planet Mermaid Mermaid Leggings

To find out more about the unique Planet Mermaid range, visit their website.


We were sent a Mermaid Tail, Tankini and Magic Fin Monofin Magic Fin in return for this review.  All opinions are our own. 







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