Gift Ideas to Get Your Teen Boys off their Screens

Gift Ideas to Get Your Teen Boys off their Screens

It is the bane of my life and I am sure that if there is a teen in your house, the constant battle to get them away from their screens is exhausting.  This Christmas I am on a mission to think of gift ideas that are not connected to any sort of screen and will get those teens off their screens.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are the perfect way to get your teen away from a screen.  Technically, of course, it is still a screen of sorts but why not tap into their love of technology and encourage them outside to film their outdoor activities. When you think of action cameras, you think GoPro and their range of rugged, small, portable cameras are fantastic, there are also some cheaper alternatives that will do the job, so it is worth shopping around.

Sporting Equipment

Whether you are buying equipment for a sport that they already do or something to encourage a new hobby, sporting equipment makes a great gift idea.  A set of golf clubs, a snowboard, a basketball hoop, a punch bag or even a football or rugby ball will hopefully ensure a few screen-free hours over the next year.

sporting equipment is a good gift idea for teens

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Gym Membership

Although weights aren’t recommended for teens under the age of 18, many gyms offer reduced priced memberships for younger members and will accept teens from the age of 14 (some from the age of 12 years)  A years gym membership for a teenager won’t cost the earth but gives them the opportunity to use a lot of the gym equipment and classes and helps to get them fit and healthy at the same time.

Give them some wheels

So a car is still out of the question, but teens are still young enough to enjoy presents such a bikes, scooters and skateboards   These are gifts that can be fun, help them to get fit and also offer a practical way to get them to different places independently.

Skate boards make great gift ideas for teens

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What is your teen interested in?  Are they into a particular YouTube star?  What about music or a comedian?  Would your teen enjoy a West End show?  Tickets are a great gift idea for them to go and meet or see someone that they really admire.  Maybe a gift voucher or subscription to your local cinema will get out watching the latest movies with you or their friends?

Magazine Subscription

With so much information online, it is easy to forget that curling up with a good magazine can be really relaxing.  There are so many magazines available for teens that there is bound to be something that they will enjoy reading and there are often great offers for subscriptions too.


Books still feature high on my shopping list for my teenage and adult son.  Whether they love fiction or fact, autobiography or stats, there is always a huge choice to suit reluctant readers through to bibliophiles.

Musical Instruments

Maybe your teen has always had a secret yearning to play the guitar or is constantly turning everything into a drum kit? Whatever they are into, you might just tap into a hobby that they can really enjoy and there are always lots of second-hand instruments on auction sites, so don’t always go for the more expensive option of buying everything brand new. If they have never played before, buy them a few lessons to help them learn too.

Something restful

Even though time on Xboxes and Playstations are classed as ‘downtime’ it isn’t always relaxing as games can cause a lot of angst and tension. Whilst a spa day might not be the teen boys idea of fun, they might enjoy a massage, particularly if they play a lot of sport as it can be really therapeutic and good for their muscles.


Driving lessons are a great gift for older teens, especially as they are so expensive, but did you know that you can also pay for younger teens to have driving lessons too in an offroad safe environment? If your teen is the next Masterchef in the making, why not invest in a few cookery lessons to hone their skills and give them a much-needed skill for adult life at the same time.


Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Extreme Sports

If your teen is an adrenaline junkie, the sky is quite literally the limit. There are so many amazing activities that you could book such as zip wiring, quad biking, zorbing, water skiing, kiting, scuba diving, the list goes on.  Look out for these activities on daily deal sites as they are regularly on there at heavily discounted prices and they make great gifts.

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  1. November 14, 2017 / 3:25 pm

    Great suggestions! I especially like the extreme sports idea. Driving lessons for kids are great too.

  2. November 15, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    Some really great ideas here – and I bet my teen would love a cookery course as he loves cooking.

  3. November 17, 2017 / 12:24 pm

    Love these ideas. My teen presented me with his list the other day and not a PS4 game in sight, I couldn’t believe it. Liking the idea of a gym membership as my son keeps saying about joining the gym x

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