#SwapThe Screen with Smiggle for Screen-Free Week

#SwapThe Screen with Smiggle for Screen-Free Week

Did you know that 30th April 2018 marks the beginning of National Screen-Free Week?

This is a week where families, schools and communities are being encouraged to get screen free and I couldn’t be more excited at the possibility.  We all spend too much time on screens, parents as well as kids, but I spend so much time saying to my children, particularly the older ones, that screen time should be limited, that they need time to unwind, chill out, get fresh air and exercise and maybe even get bored.  I am currently reading a fascinating book called Bored and Brilliant and about how we all need to be bored sometimes, away from the lure of screens for our imaginative and creative processes to kick in.  So boredom is a good thing, we just need to convince the kids.

From 30th April until the 6th May, the idea is to unplug from all things digital and spend that free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends.  It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

#SwapTheScreen with Smiggle

Our favourite stationery brand, Smiggle are on board with Screen-Free Week with their #SwapTheScreen campaign, encouraging their kids to swap their screens for something far more creative, imaginative and fun.

During Screen-Free week, Smiggle has created a range of fun activities to help kids unplug. They have a fab downloadable activity pack including both indoor and outdoor activities for parents such as outdoor bingo, word searches, colouring sheets and more.  In Smiggle stores there will be exciting competitions where kids can #SwapTheScreen by putting pen to paper and becoming a Smiggle product designer – with a special prize for the winner.

Free Downloadable Activities from Smiggle for Screen-Free Week

If that isn’t enough, in selected stores, there will be drop-in creative workshops.

Dr Ranj Singh, who supports Smiggle’s #SwapTheScreen campaign, said:

More children than ever are spending increasing amounts of time on tablets, laptops and smartphones. While technology plays an important role in children’s development, it’s vital screen time is monitored and, ultimately, limited as it can impact their health.

Research shows that today’s kids are actually less creative due to too many hours spent staring at screens.

The government is recognising that action is needed to combat too much screen time. This, along with Smiggle’s #SwapTheScreen initiative, is a step in the right direction.

Everyone can get involved with the Screen-Free week and I think it is the perfect excuse to unplug and get creative, I know we will be and we will be heading to our local Smiggle to get some #SwapTheScreen inspiration.

Creative goodies from Smiggle to help

Find out more about Smiggle’s #SwapTheScreen campaign here and download your free downloadable activity pack.


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