Book Review – Circle Rolls

Book Review – Circle Rolls

Quite a few press releases about children’s books pass through my inbox and as soon as I read about Phaidon’s Circle Rolls, I knew this was a book I wanted to review.  Written by Barbara Kanninen and very cleverly illustrated by Serge Bloch, Circle Rolls is a such a simple idea.  Using a group shapes who are friends, the story uses the physical traits of these shapes to create a hilarious story.

Circle Rolls by Barbara Kanninen Art by Serge Bloch

The action starts straight away when Circle accidentally rolls into one of Triangle’s points and pops. The chain reaction that follows sees all of the other shapes flipping, flopping, sneezing, tripping and bending until Octogan puts a “Stop!” to everything bringing everyone back to their senses and reinstating some order.

Circle Rolls is a fun and quirky story involving shapes for young children

The book is immediately appealing with familiar shapes which are brightly coloured and turned into funny characters.  It is funny and as it made me chuckle, younger readers will laugh out loud as they watch the story unfold.

Circle Rolls starts with Circle rolling into Triangle's points and popping and this starts a hilarious chain of events

As a parent, this book is brilliant in so many ways.  It is something a little bit different, it is cleverly written and illustrated and it with simple images and a rhyming text.

Circle Rolls is a hilarious book with charming, fun illustrations which will appeal to both children and parents

It is a brilliant book that will not only amuse children but is brilliant for helping children to learn and recognise the different range of shapes in the story. It is also a great story to help build those all-important prediction skills as you can ask your child what they think will happen to the shapes in the story.


We were sent a copy of Circle Rolls by for the purpose of this review.  All images and opinions are our own. 




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