5 Ideas for a Relaxing Babymoon

5 Ideas for a Relaxing Babymoon

Babymoons are becoming increasingly popular with expectant mothers all around the world, who are all looking for that one last peaceful getaway before the baby arrives. However, with so many potentially ideal destinations across the globe to choose from, it may prove to be a challenge finding the right one for you. It has to be somewhere special and somewhere relaxing.

Here are just five perfect ideas for a very tranquil babymoon.


Santorini, Greece


On the bucket lists of almost every traveller, Santorini is undeniably one of the most idyllic and serene destinations anyone could indulge in. And, for a babymoon, it’s practically perfect. The archipelago boasts some of the most picturesque views in the world, with sparkling white buildings descending towards the bright blue sea, itself stretching for miles into the horizon.

Such luxury views deserve luxury accommodation, and you’ll find a multitude of it in Santorini. Scandinavian design takes centre stage, with beautiful, sprawling spas and villas to escape to—nearly all of which boasting gorgeous views of the water below. If you simply need a quiet escape, nowhere does it better.


Lake District


You don’t have to travel far for the perfect babymoon. The Lake District is arguably the most gorgeous part of England, with rustic, traditional hotels offering cosy and comfortable getaways for pregnant travellers in need of pure relaxation.


Lake District -2

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Depending on how much you can exert yourself, there’s plenty of opportunities for walks through the district, discovering rolling hills, sprawling lakes and other beautiful feats of nature. Best of all, the size of the Lake District means you’re unlikely to be disturbed by hardly anyone else during your stay.


South of France


France is one of the most diverse and underrated countries for holidays, with many by default thinking of the capital city. But there’s so much more to discover than Paris—the south of France is one of the world’s most idyllic locations, sun-soaked and lulled in equal measure.

Of course, there’s a reputation for wealth and luxury here, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to discover paradise. Small towns such as La Ciotat are as beautiful as their more expensive counterparts, with hideaways such as the ever-popular Calanques proving to be a very tranquil escape. Marseille isn’t too far away, either, a city that has outgrown its previously negative reputation to blossom into a hip and quirky hotspot.


Tuscany, Italy


The golden aura of Tuscany is almost intoxicating, and it’s the ideal destination for any pregnant traveller to unwind and relax. A house out in the countryside is arguably the best choice of accommodation, as you’ll be away from the bustle and noise of the larger towns and cities, instead being left alone to bask in the sun and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Siena in Tuscany

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

But, when you’re looking to explore, Tuscany has it all. From cities such as Florence and Siena to small, traditional towns such as San Gimignano, it’s one of—if not the—most culturally and historically important parts of Italy.




If you’re carrying your first child, you may want to spend your holiday without the presence of children (which is totally understandable). So why not do it in Jamaica—the Sandals resorts here are renowned for their serenity and peaceful qualities, the Montego Bay resort in particular set upon a sandy white beach complete with traditional huts and swaying palm trees in abundance. Being by the beach is actually one of the best things for you whilst pregnant, with a lot of health benefits to be reaped.

As a pregnant traveller, you deserve a quiet getaway—and Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s jewels, both energetic and peaceful in equal measure, and offering some luxurious resorts for you to kick back and relax.


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