Celebrating National Beautician’s Day with Nail-a-Peel

Celebrating National Beautician’s Day with Nail-a-Peel

Today is National Beautician’s Day and what better way to celebrate than to let your little ones become the beauticians themselves with a little help from Nail-a-Peel?

Nail-a-Peel Sugar Rush Kit

My daughter is 8 going on 18 and her current obsession with hair and makeup has taken me a little bit by surprise.  Whilst I am discouraging make-up so far, I do let her indulge in a bit of nail polish and so she was thrilled at the prospect of a bit of a pamper day finishing off with some 3D effect nails.

Nail-a-Peel comes with everything you need to create some impressive 3D nail effects. The set includes 3 tubes of gel, 1 tube of confetti, a design template card with 16 different design ideas, nail stencils, nail tray, two nail wheels and manicure and design tools.

We had a family birthday barbecue to attend on the weekend, so it was the perfect time to design some super sleek nails.  We started off with a nice relax in the bath with a bath bomb and spent lots of time getting hair and outfit ready before we started on the nails.

There are lots of things we loved about the Nail-a-Peel set.  You design and decorate the nails on the wheels and let them set and dry before you stick them onto your nails.  Our first job was to design some gems using the nail tray.  This involved choosing your design, pouring a small amount into the shapes you want to use, smoothing the gel off so that it is even and then leave to set.  It does take a while to set, so this needs to be done a couple of hours before you want to use them.

Next up is the nail design.  We were sent the Sugar Rush kit which contains three gel polishes in white, mint green and pale pink.  If I am honest, the colours are very pale and don’t show up as well as would have hoped and trying to get a smooth layer of gel on the nails is really tricky.  The sets are for children 8 and over, my daughter is 8 and she struggled to do the nails, in the end, I did them and she supervised.

Once we were reasonably happy with our gel design, we added confetti before the gel dried and once the gems are set, you carefully take out the gems using the tweezers provided and you can stick them to the wet gel so that they will stick to the nails too.  If the gel has already dried, simply add a small amount of the gel and they will stick on.

Nail-a-Peel party nails

Leave to dry completely and then you can stick them on and my daughter said that she felt very grown up with her 3D nails on for the party.

I think that little beauticians will love this set, my daughter was pleased with the finished result but you do need to allow quite a lot of time for the process and be prepared for some mess too.

We were sent the Nail-a-Peel Sugar Rush Kit for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are our own. 


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