Enjoy festival fun in the sun this summer

Enjoy festival fun in the sun this summer

One thing which is on my summer bucket list this year is to go to a festival.  Can you believe that I have never been to one?  That is a scandalous admission when you consider how many amazing festivals happening in the UK alone every year.  But what about adding a summer festival to the list of things to do when you go on holiday?  Many of the top holiday destinations offer festival fun for everyone and I have been doing some research to see which locations have the best festivals this summer.


Having had our very first taste of sunny Florida two years ago, when we did all things Disney, we have been desperate to make a return trip to explore everything else that this wonderful state has to offer.  For festival fans, the good news is that there is no shortage of festival entertainment to be had. The Festival of Chariots originated in India thousands of years ago and is held in cities across the world.  One of those locations is Jacksonville Beach where you will find a beautifully decorated 25-feet tall chariot, yoga, live music, vendors, classes, workshops and more.

Of course, festivals can also be cultural and The International Ballet Festival of Miami brings dancers and dance companies from around the world to showcase their talents. Alternatively, why not visit the Anime Festival in Orlando to discover a celebration of Japanese animation. No list of festivals should be without some music and for fans of country music, Panama City Beach makes an amazing backdrop for the popular Gulf Coast Jam, Country on the Coast music festival.


The largest Balearic island of Majorca needs little introduction as a top location for a summer holiday.  Beautiful beaches, a fantastic choice of resorts, a fascinating mix of old and new and with so many fantastic Majorca holiday deals, it is no wonder that this is a top holiday hotspot.

Festival hunters will not be disappointed. Festa de Cavall takes place at the end of August and is a must for horse lovers. It takes place in the village of Ses Salines, organised by the Horse Riding Association, Festa de Cavall is a tribute to the Menorcan traditional Equestrian parade known as ‘Jaleo’. An unusual sight to behold, Jaleo is the technique of making horses dance to music and it is incredible to see these fine animals on their hind legs for their Jaleo performance.  Afterwards, the real celebrations start with music, drinking and dancing for the spectators.  


Another country I would love to return to and one that is steeped in a variety of festivals from the traditional to the contemporary. Set in the breathtaking landscape by the Aliakmonas River in Kastoria, Western Greece, River Party is an open air music festival where visitors get to camp alongside the river in this area of outstanding natural beauty. Across Greece, the August Full Moon Festival takes place where visitors can make the most of both the spectacular of the moon in full view and have free entry to key historical venues to hear musical performances.

So those are my list of top three holiday destinations this summer and if I can take in a little culture and fun from a festival, that will make my holiday even more special.

Enjoy festival fun in the sun this summer

Photo by Maxime Bhm on Unsplash

If you are foreign festival bound this summer there are a few tips to bear in mind.

  • Check the validity of your passport.  Some airlines require you to have six months from the return date of your trip
  • Take out appropriate health insurance for your trip
  • If you are travelling within Europe make sure you have a valid EHIC card
  • When you are travelling, make sure your passport, money and any other documents are kept somewhere safe
  • Stay hydrated, festivals are distracting and if it is hot, you need to keep drinking water all day
  • Make sure you have enough money.  Money might not be easily accessible on festival sites so make sure you take enough with you

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