Meet the Moj Moj

Meet the Moj Moj

My 8-year-old daughter loves a collectible. She also loves cute things and she is currently obsessed with all things squishy.  So the opening of the first pack of Moj Moj was the cause of great excitement.

Moj Moj Blind Bag

Moj Moj are cute, collectible, soft, squishy toys.  That ticks all of the boxes in one go.

Opening the Moj Moj blind bags

Brand new from MGA Entertainment, Moj Moj are going to be the must-have collectible this summer.  They come in very cute colourful blind bags and each bag contains two Moj Moj to add to your collection.

Super squishy Moj Moj

What are these Moj Moj?  Well, they are squishy, squashy little creatures.  There are over 95 Moj Moj to collect and they are so soft and squishy, they are very difficult to put down.  They all have cute little features and there are seven different themes with great names such as Adventure Seekers, Day Dreamers and Happy Campers and there are creatures of all kinds from rabbits to cats, pandas to elephants.  Watch out for the little yellow duck, he is just the cutest.  They fit in the palms of little hands and my daughter can’t leave hers alone.

The cutest Moj Moj Hedgehog

There are also several rare and ultra-rare Moj Moj to add to the fun and my daughter was over the moon when she discovered two of hers were rare.  By the very nature of Moj Moj, they are going to take a lot of squishing, they seem to be quite robust and ours have already survived a lot of squishing and prodding.

Moj Moj Collect Them All

Each colourful blind bag contains two Moj Moj and a collectors guide and your little collector can tick off the Moj Moj as they get them.  One pack costs around £4 and you can collect them, stack them, squish them and trade them.

Meet Moj Moj

Find out more about Moj Moj here.



We were sent three Moj Moj Blind Bags in return for this review.  All opinions and images are our own. 




  1. June 2, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    My youngest has a couple of these and she loves them. I didn’t know they were called Moj Moj ‘s though. She got them from school from the reward box. They are so cute x

    • Nikki Thomas
      June 2, 2018 / 9:41 pm

      They are great for a reward box as they are quite calming, a bit like stress balls

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