Share your Swizzels Sweetest Invention

Share your Swizzels Sweetest Invention

“Swizzels must have been around for a really long time then.” Was the response from my daughter the other day when we were discussing our mutual love of all things Swizzels.  I was, of course, explaining that I loved Swizzels when I was her age and she looked genuinely aghast at the prospect of so many years of Swizzels sweets.

A few of our Swizzels Favourites

In fact, it is 90 years, so even older than me and that’s saying something.  To celebrate this grand old age, the British sweet company are challenging sweet lovers to invent a new sweet.  How exciting is that?

Swizzel's 90 Years of Sweet Inventions

It is so easy to enter too, they want you to take a look at the gallery on the Swizzels website and get some inspiration.  Next step is to get your notebook and pen and start coming up with some ideas.  Do you want to combine the flavour of one sweet and combine it with the texture of another or maybe you want to come up with something completely new and original?  When your ideas are complete, you can have a go at whipping up some sweet inventions in the kitchen or you can simply share your sketch with details. Finally, submit your ideas on the website or via social media channels using the #MySwizzels.  It is a simple and sweet as that.

Four of the creations will be shortlisted and put to the public vote and the overall winner of the competition will be invited to a VIP tour of the Swizzels factory in Derbyshire to see their creation be brought to life.

I have been giving this some thought whilst using some of my Swizzels favourites as inspiration.  It is so hard to find a favourite, my kids love Squashies and Drumsticks but I am a bit more old school, I love Refreshers and Parma Violets.  I always love it when the kids bring home Parma Violets because I am the only one who likes them (they have never actually tried them but assume they don’t like them).

Visit the Swizzel's website to submit your Sweetest Invention

So what would my Sweetest Invention be?  Drum roll please …. a Parma Violet Refresher.  Soft chewy outside, flavoured with parma violet and a sherbet middle.  That would be perfect. Or Love Heart Squashies, now they would be good.  Maybe a Double Dip with a parma violet swizzel stick and lemon and strawberry fizzy dips?  The possibilities are endless.

What would your Swizzel's Sweetest Invention be

If you have a brilliant sweet in mind, what are you waiting for?  Head over to the Swizzel’s website to find out more and submit your very own Sweetest Invention.


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