Sprucing up your living space for summer

Sprucing up your living space for summer

I love the sunshine so much but it makes me want to take everything out of the house and start again.  It happens to me at the same time every single year.  Whilst everyone else gets the whole spring cleaning thing going on, it is summer when I suddenly look upon my house with fresh eyes and get the mad urge to repaint, move things around and replace furniture.  Maybe it is the effect of the sun shining through the windows, it makes you see everything more clearly?

My first job this summer is the bathrooms, they are all in need of some serious TLC and then next on the list is the living room.  I repainted the living room last year (at this time funnily enough) and added a feature wall with a gorgeous clock and some nice pictures.  I still love it and I am so happy with the colour scheme and the feature wall. But, there is more work to be done and I would love to add in some new features, maybe some nice accessories, a new rug or another chair.  I love the rattan furniture that is on trend this year along with natural colours that work in any room. There are some gorgeous copper coloured accessories that look stunning.

However, this time of year isn’t one when I have a huge budget available for the house.  The end of term is fast approaching and not only do I have to buy lots of new school uniform ready for September, the cost of the summer holidays is on my mind.  So, as per usual, I am looking to spruce up our living space with a minimal budget.

Always check Groupon before you buy anything

That is where the Groupon app comes in so handy.  I only discovered the joys of Groupon recently, when a friend told me that I was seriously missing out and I have been hooked ever since.  With so many great discounts on pretty much anything you need as a mum, it is worth checking Groupon before you do anything whether it is booking a holiday or day trip, buying a present or of course, buying anything for your home.

I have picked up some great bargains over the last few months and Groupon is definitely one of my most used apps as it is so handy to check in each day to see what new offers are available.  This week has been all about getting some home inspiration and I have discovered some amazing offers on Groupon for Urban Outfitters who have not only a great range of clothes for both men and women but have some absolutely gorgeous homewares and I have compiled my favourite ideas below.

Urban Outfitters have some amazing homewares this summer and there are lots of great deals and discounts via Groupon

From lighting to rugs and storage to chairs with some absolutely stunning planters, I am all set to add some summer style to my living room and with some great deals via the Groupon app, I know I will be able to stick to my budget.

Post written in collaboration with Groupon 

Sprucing up your living space for summer
Article Name
Sprucing up your living space for summer
Now summer is finally here, I am on a mission to spruce up my living space and thanks to Groupon, I can do it without blowing my budget

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