Why Glamping Makes a Great Family Holiday

Why Glamping Makes a Great Family Holiday

The family holiday is both something to look forward to and something to dread.  It is a high point where everyone spends time together and gets away from the normal routine.  And it is a nightmare because going anywhere on the school holidays costs a fortune. However, there is a new idea that can help ease the cost while still having a fantastic time – glamping.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a made up term from the phrase ‘glamorous camping’ and is used to describe any one of a wide range of camping locations and accommodations that are very different from the typical pitch-it-yourself tent.  The idea has become huge across the UK in recent years and there are now countless glamping locations with everything from a treehouse to a safari tent on offer.

In fact, glamping has spread around the world.  You can go glamping in a yurt on top of a mountain, you can go glamping with a private hot tub in the middle of the forest or stay in a treehouse.  Sites such as Host Unusual offer a one-stop shop to find the greatest range of glamping opportunities at home and abroad.

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Why glamping makes a great family holiday

But what makes glamping different from a normal camping holiday, you might wonder?  Well here are a few examples of why it is different and makes a great family holiday.

  1. Quirky accommodation

Ever wanted to sleep in a horsebox or stay in an authentic tepee?  Maybe the idea of staying the night in a spooky old church appeals or you love the idea of relaxing in a treehouse with its own terrace pool.  These are all examples of the kind of quirky locations available for glamping around the world. And it also means you can find something that suits what your family loves while still retaining that bit of luxury.

2. Minimal planning

Sometimes going on camping holiday can seem like a military operation with all the planning needed.  But glamping is relatively straightforward and is no more complex than staying in a hotel or B&B. You don’t need to worry about sorting all the camping gear or leaving something crucial at home that means the tent won’t stay up.

3. Home comforts

For some people, the main argument against going camping is that there just aren’t enough of the comforts of home for them to enjoy themselves.  This problem goes away when you pick some glamping spots because you can find them with bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, LED TVs, terraces, hot tubs, Jacuzzis and even more.

4. Suitable for any time of the year

Camping is usually a summer activity because there’s nothing fun about being in a little tent in the rain, wind or snow.  But with glamping, you can find options that work all year round so there’s nothing to stop you going away with the kids whenever you want.  And you may find a good deal out of season!

5. Near to home

If you want to, you can find a glamping opportunity near to home and not have to have a long journey starting your vacation.  There are hundreds of different locations around the UK alone and this means you can go away without going too far away.

Perfect holiday with the kids

Glamping combines the excitement of going on a camping trip with the ease and luxury of a hotel break, usually at a much lower cost.  You can get the amenities you want, the kind of location you love and find a spot that is near to home or close to somewhere you want to visit.  Once you start glamping, you may find that the idea of mere camping will no longer appeal!

Why Glamping Makes a Great Family Holiday

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