Twisty Petz – Twistable, Wearable, Fashionable Fun

Twisty Petz – Twistable, Wearable, Fashionable Fun

We have some new pets in the house and they are fun and funky and at times quite surprising.  They are, of course, Twisty Petz.  A new toy phenomenon in this house and as Series 2 is just launching, still a new phenomenon generally. Twisty Petz are twistable, wearable and fashionable.  They arrive as cute, fun pets and with a simple twist, they transform from a pet into a bracelet.  Genius.

Twisty Petz Packaging

My daughter had seen the advert and had commented a few times that she would love to have some.  It is something I knew she would love, she loves anything collectable and absolutely hoards jewellery and sparkly things like a magpie. I was right. She is now the proud owner of a whole family of Twisty Petz and she absolutely adores them. They are all so super cute in an array of styles, colours and animals.

Twisty Petz-2


You can collect metallic kitties, rainbow ponies, pastel pandas, and so many more. Each Twisty Petz comes with beautiful detailing and dazzling colours. Each of the Petz is completely different and there is a real array of colours, finishes and textures.

Twisty Petz-3

Not only can you simply twist each Twisty Pet into a bracelet and back into a pet, but you can also connect the ends of this string of jewels and create a stunning bracelet or even a necklace which make the perfect accessory for any outfit. You can also attach them to bags or rucksacks and they make the cutest bag charms ever which you can also pop off to play with on long journies.

Twisty Petz are fun to play with and really cute


Twisty Petz are currently available in single packs (RRP £4.99) or in a pack of three (RRP £12.99).  With over 70 in Series 1, Series 2 has just arrived and you can collect over 60 more of these adorable animals in Series 2 with rainbow, pastel, rose gold and pearlescent finishes. With the pack of three Twisty Petz, you can see two of the animals in the packaging but there is a third one hidden away which is a lovely surprise when you open it up. Our surprise was Peritwinkle Turtle and I think he is my favourite so far (and more importantly he is also a ‘super rare’).

Twisty Petz Peritwinkle Turtle

There are even Twin Babies (RRP £9.99).  The Twisty Petz Babies are super cute, made up of dazzling gems and there are four babies in each set. These smaller animals even come with their own sparkling jewellery case and charm and can be clipped together to make a bracelet with added charm. And when you are done, you can store them all safely in their case.

Twisty Petz Babies

So what was the overall reaction to Twisty Petz from my daughter? She loves them.  She loves the different styles and colours, she loves that she can collect them and she loves how cute the animals are.  She has found it really easy to twist and untwist the Twisty Petz and was more than happy to give me a demonstration, apparently, it is easy to see where to twist thanks to the clever placement of the different beads.

Twisty Petz Babies can also be clipped together to make a bracelet

The really interesting thing for me is that whilst she loves clipping them together to make jewellery, she has played with them more as animals and has been playing with them with alongside other dolls and small figures and using them as pets for her characters.

We really like Twisty Petz, they are easy to use, versatile and fun. I have no doubt that there will be more Twisty Petz appearing in this house again very soon. We also like the Twisty Petz website.  On the website, you can take a look at all of the Twisty Petz available both individually and in their packs.  You can also keep track of the Petz you have in your collection and the ones you want. There are also videos and step by step instructions on how to twist your pets into shape and how to turn them into bracelets.

Twisty Petz website

We were sent a selection of Twisty Petz in return for this review.  All opinions are our own. 



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