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Who is Stressy Mummy?

Well, first and foremost I am mum.  That crazy and amazing job pretty much takes up most of the hours in the day.  I have a brood of four; three of the male variety aged one who I have successfully navigated through to adulthood, a teen of 14 and a tween who is twelve.  To even things up in this house of testosterone is my gorgeous daughter who is now the grand old age of eight.   Life is never dull, in fact, dull would be nice every once in a while.  We have it all; teen angst, tween strops, the terrible eights and tantrums.  But that’s only on a good day.  Hence the name; Stressy Mummy.

My blog is all about me, my life as a mum and pretty much whatever pops into my head, but more often than not, I try to share my experiences as a parent.  Sometimes this writing process is to vent as blogging is and always will be my therapy when things are crazy.  Other times I write to entertain, sharing funny stories about the children and the observations I make.  Sometimes I write to find answers and I am often overwhelmed by the responses I get to posts that I write asking questions.  More than anything though, I share stories to relate.  I hope that other parents will read this blog and relate to the tales and experiences that I share and even to realise that none of us are alone even when things get tough.

When I started writing this blog, it was partly because I had read other blogs and decided that it could be fun, but also to fulfil my life-long desire to write.  The blog is now unbelievably in its seventh year this year and it has taken me on an incredible journey. Through blogging, I have had amazing opportunities and made some lovely friends too, but above all, I love writing and the fact that people read my blog makes me very proud.

In between being mum, taxi-driver, chef, bottle washer and working as a part-time French tutor, I do some freelance article writing and blogging and one day I will write that book.  Sleep?  Who needs it?

All about me




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