All About Me

Who is Stressy Mummy?

Well first and foremost I am a mum.  That crazy and amazing job pretty much takes up most of the hours in the day.  I have a brood of four; three of the male variety aged twenty , twelve and ten and a female who is six.  Life is never dull, in fact dull would be nice every once in a while.  We have it all; teen angst, tween strops, the terrible tens and tantrums.  But that’s only on a good day.  Hence the name; Stressy Mummy.

Whilst I would probably be described as a ‘parent blogger’ (which is fine by me) my blog is pretty much whatever pops into my head at the time; mostly it will be about my family and what we get up to, but there will always be some other random stuff along the way. My other passions in life are all included; photography, cooking and of course writing. I was also a teacher in a former life, so I also have a keen interest in education, teaching and learning.

When I started writing this blog, it was partly because I had read other blogs and decided that it could be fun, but also to fulfill my life-long desire to write.  The blog is now in its fourth year this year and it has taken me on an incredible journey. Through blogging, I have had amazing opportunities and made some lovely friends too, but above all, I love writing and the fact that people read my blog makes me very proud.

In between being mum, tax-driver, chef, bottle washer and working as a part-time teaching assistant and French tutor, I do some freelance article writing and blogging and one day I will write that book.  Sleep?  Who needs it?



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