A Family Meal at the Old White Horse in Stourbridge

Trying to find somewhere to eat out as a family can be a real problem. We do love eating out.  Well, I do.  For me, it is a chance for someone else to do the cooking and washing up and that is a real treat.  The rest of the family like it too but there is always some cause for an argument.  Firstly about the choice of venue.  We have one or two restaurants that the children love and one, in particular, is not keen on trying new places.  Then my daughter, who is a really fussy eater, worries about what will be on the menu for her.  My husband and I are not fussy, we love eating out and we often talk about those days before kids, when we would eat anywhere and loved nothing more than a pub lunch or a carvery.

I was really hopeful that The Old White Horse in Stourbridge was going to be the perfect venue for us to have a family pub meal that would keep everyone happy.  The Old White Horse is a Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery pub set in the heart of Stourbridge.  Stourbridge is about an hour from us but it is a lovely drive and when we left on Sunday afternoon, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Old White Horse Stourbridge a Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery pub in the heart of Stourbridge

Everyone was excited and when we arrived it was really busy.  To me, that is a good sign. We passed by the carvery as we went to sit down and it looked and smelled wonderful.  I hadn’t eaten much throughout the day in anticipation of the meal and I was so hungry.

The Old White Horse Stourbridge Carvery has a very fresh and modern feel to it inside

The layout and design of the Old White Horse are very modern and fresh looking.  Alongside the carvery is the pizza station where you collect your freshly made pizzas. In between the two, a salad bar where you can help yourself to a good range of fresh salad.

The Old White Horse Stourbridge Pizza Collection Point where you collect a range of freshly baked stone baked pizzas and garlic breads

There are lots of meal options.  There is a general menu with classics such a fish and chips and burgers.  There are lots of choices including a huge selection of stone baked pizzas which are made to order, a good children’s menu and of course the carvery. Price wise, the meals looked really good value.  Most main meals are around the £6 – £8 range with a few at around £10.  The children’s menu is £3.99 for a meal and sides and with a pudding priced between £0.99 and £2.49.

Because we are all so different in our food tastes, this menu was a perfect combination for us.  Both boys immediately chose pizzas, my husband and I were both desperate to try the carvery and in the end, my daughter chose a pizza off the children’s menu too. There are starter options but we decided to go straight for the main course.  When we ordered, we were told that because of the pizzas and the fact that they were so busy, it could take up to 45 minutes for the food to arrive.  In the end, it actually took  25 minutes and pretty soon, everyone was tucking in.  With the pizzas, you are given a buzzer which buzzes when it is time to go and collect your pizzas from the pizza station.  When the buzzer went off, I don’t think I have ever seen my sons move so quickly.

We all agreed (and trust me when I say that doesn’t happen very often) that the food was delicious.  You know that it is good food when nobody speaks for ages and that is exactly how it was.  The carvery was amazing. There was the choice of four different types of meat and a huge selection of vegetables and potatoes, sauces and gravy. It was delicious, I enjoyed every mouthful.

The carver at the Old White Horse in Stourbridge has a good range of meat and side dishes

The teen opted for a Mighty Meat Feast Calzone.  When it arrived, it looked and smelt delicious and it was huge.  I didn’t think he would manage it all but he ate every last mouthful saying it was too good to waste any.

The teen opted the try the mighty meat feast calzone from the pizza menu and it looked amazing

The tween chose a Margherita pizza, this is his meal out of choice and he was really happy with it although he was eying up his brother’s pizza and said he would try that next time.  Little Miss A also went for pizza from the children’s Young Explorer’s menu.

With the pizzas and children’s menu, you can also have as much salad, vegetables, and chips as you want to, as part of the cost which I thought was really good.

Old White Horse Stourbridge has a range of great value traditional puddings such as Eton Mess

All of the main meals disappeared leaving five empty plates and five happy people.  The dessert menu was filled with lots of traditional favourites such as treacle sponge, caramel apple crumble tart, chocolate brownie and more.  Priced at around £3 – £4 I thought they were really good value and we couldn’t resist.

Another of the puddings on the menu at Old White Horse Stourbridge and it was delicious

The teen was too full but the tween opted for one of their new Freak Shakes; milkshakes with added sweet treats.  He chose the Strawberry Candy which consists of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, milk and fluffy cream topped with an iced doughnut, a cloud of candy floss and a sprinkling of marshmallows. Wow is the word that came to mind when it arrived, it really looked amazing and I think his face says it all.

Old White Horse Stourbridge offer a new range of deliciously sweet Freak shakes

There are four different flavours to choose from and they are £3.99 and make a perfect pudding.

I opted for a Treacle Sponge which was just perfect, swimming in a bowl of custard and my husband went for the Eaton Mess which he said was amazing.

For ice cream lovers, there is the option of Bottomless Ice Cream Sundae which is available on both the main and children’s menu.  When you order, you are given a sundae dish and you help yourself to ice cream and toppings which my daughter thought was the best bit of the whole meal, well that and eating it of course.

Old White Horse Stourbridge Helping herself to ice cream for her Bottomless Ice Cream Sundae

Old White Horse Stourbridge Enjoying the Bottomless Ice Cream Sundae

The whole meal was delicious.  We were all really impressed by the staff who were really attentive and friendly.  The food was great value and with five of us, including drinks and desserts, the bill came to just £65 which I thought was good value as eating out is pretty expensive now that the boys both eat adult meals.

When we left, all of the children said that they would love to go back and there were no arguments so I think that we definitely would go back again.  It had a lovely atmosphere, the food was delicious and the staff were all friendly and attentive which makes the perfect venue for a family meal out.

To find out more, book a table or view the menus check out the website.

We were given £50 towards the cost of the meal in return for this review.  All opinions and images are our own. 

We went for a drive to Stourbridge last weekend to try out the A Family Meal at the Old White Horse in Stourbridge for a family meal