The Snowy Blowy Birthdays

My daughter has only ever really experienced ‘proper’ snow when she was 2 years old.  I can remember her rosy cheeks and woolly hat, whizzing along on the sledge but of course, she has no recollection.  There was a brief flurry when she was in Reception but it made an appearance and then melted as quickly as it arrived.

There is something special about having snow on your birthday

One of my all-time favourite children’s storybooks is called The Tots and the Snowy Blowy Day.  I don’t know if you remember Tots TV (I’m a tot, je suis un tot, Tilly, Tom and Tiny, we’re the Tots from Tots TV, 1,2,3) but it was one of the early Ragdoll productions and some of the books were wonderful.  In the Snowy Blowy Day, it is all about the Tots wanting snow and Tilly using her magic red boots to create a magical, snowy blowy day. I have read it to all four of my children so many times and it is just one of those books that I will always look back on fondly.

A spot of snow day rugby playing

My daughter and I have read the book many times, my daughter sighing dramatically at the end of the story and saying that she wished she could magic some snow, just for a day.

that feeling when you go out into the snow for the first time

This weekend’s forecast took us a little by surprise and as much as I wanted my daughter to experience real snow, this weekend was the birthday weekend and heavy snow was going to be quite inconvenient.

My husband, my daughter and I all have our birthdays within a four-day stretch and everything had been planned with military precision; parties, family visits etc, etc.

My daughter was beyond excited, the weekend was to start with a school disco on Friday night, putting up the decorations on Saturday and then party and birthday on Sunday.  I must admit I was cynical when everyone started talking about snow.  We so rarely get any significant snow here as we live in a vale.

The school disco was cancelled as they were worried about the weather.  She was disappointed but said that she didn’t mind as she had her party to look forward to.

All day Saturday we talked nonstop about the party and A made and decorated her own birthday cake, especially for the occasion.

the home made birthday cake

Saturday night came and I woke up around 4 am and looked out to see no sign of snow.  Relieved, I went back to sleep and then awoke at 7:30 to thick snow falling and a fair covering on the ground.  A couple of messages came from worried parents and we had to make the decision to cancel the party.  It wasn’t fair to make people drive in the snow.

Do you wanna build a snowman-2

My daughter was amazing.  She was disappointed but totally understood.  Grandparents couldn’t come because of the weather either but she chatted with them on the phone and hopefully, she will see them next weekend.

everywhere was covered in a thick layer of snow

The snow continued to fall and of course, it didn’t matter about the party or the visitors as she finally had her snowy blowy day.  Luckily my mum lives close by, so she came to spend the day with us and what a day it was.  There was snowman building, lots of snowball fights, a snowy walk and even a spot of sledging.

The snow made everywhere look so beautiful

There was no talk of disappointment, in fact at the end of the day, she said it had been the best birthday ever and I think that was true.  With snow in this country being so unpredictable, what are the chances of having snow on her birthday again?

an amazing contrast of blue sky and snow covered trees

My birthday follows the next day and with the snow still thick on the ground, all of the children and my husband were at home with me for the day which was lovely.  The snow showed no sign of retreat and the bright blue sunlit sky made a wonderful contrast to the snow all around.

outside enjoying the snow

After two snowy blowy birthdays, it doesn’t look like normality will resume for a day or so, but we will certainly remember our 2017 birthdays, that it for sure.

In the words of the Tots:

The snowy blowy day is over,

The snowy blowy day is done.

We’ve had lots of snowy blowy adventures

And quite a lot of snowy blowy fun.

Now it’s snowy blowy time for sleeping

In beds that are snowy blowy white,

And snowy blowy dreams are creeping

At the end of this snowy blowy night.