Fruity Fun with the Sylvanian Families

New sets from the Sylvanian Families including a Fruit Wagon and The Bramble Hedgehog Family

Do you have a Sylvanian Families fan in the house?  If you do, they will love these new sets.  The Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon and the newly suited and booted Bramble Hedgehog Family are seriously cute additions to the collection.

What's new from the Sylvanian FamiliesThe Fruit Wagon (RRP £9.99) is a perfect example of the lengths the creators of Sylvanian Families go to, to produce sets which are really detailed.  Comprising of over 30 pieces, the Fruit Wagon is a very cute, very realistic fruit stall.

New from Sylvanian Families this year is the Fruit Wagon As well as the stall itself with its shelves and bright green and white roof, there are several different types of fruit in miniature, boxes to keep store them in and even scales to weight them.  A double-sided sign advertises the stall on one side or today’s’ recommendations on the other.

Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon has lots of different pieces including fruit, scales, boxes and more I love the attention to detail which is consistent with all Sylvanian Families sets. Children will love being able to act out endless shopping scenes with this set and once they have finished, there is space at the back of the wagon to store the sign and the crates.

Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon Side ViewMy daughter loves it and it has quickly been added to her other Sylvanian Families sets to be used with her different families.  She absolutely loves Sylvanian Families and will spend hours acting out little scenes.

Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon has lots of lovely details At just under £10 the Fruit Wagon is such good value too and I am hoping that all of this playing with fruit might encourage my daughter to eat a bit more too.

Sylvanian Families Fruit Wagon even has a double sided sign which is so realistic

The Bramble Hedgehog(RRP £14.99) family aren’t a new family to Sylvanian Families, in fact, they original Bramble family came out in 1991.  This is the latest edition and includes mum and dad Mortimer and Eleanor and their children, Abigail and Maxwell. The Sylvanian Families Bramble Hedgehog Family has had a makeover for 2017

I think this is one of the best families we have had yet.  They are so cute with their mass of furry prickles and they have the sweetest little faces.

Introducing Father Mortimer Bramble and Brother Maxwell Bramble from the Bramble Hedgehog Family Sylvanian Families

As with all Sylvanian Families, they are all in their own individual outfits and as their backstory is that they are a family of tailors, they are very swish looking too.

Introducing Mother Eleanor Bramble and Sister Abigail Bramble from the Bramble Hedgehog Family Sylvanian Families

This is an adorable family and they are quite at home in our other Sylvanian Families sets.  Find out more about these sets and more on the Sylvanian Families website.

We were sent these products in return for a review.  All images and opinions are our own.