The VIP Coaster Climb Experience at Thorpe Park

Picture the scene.

All of the people are leaving the park.  The rides have all ground to a halt for the evening.  The sun is shining and it is just you and your VIP Coaster Climb host wandering to your chosen rollercoaster for a gentle stroll up 180 steps. You get strapped up and up you go to see incredible panoramic views across not only the island like no other, Thorpe Park but the surrounding Surrey countryside.

How fantastic does that sound?

That was the experience my two sons and I  were lucky enough enjoy last week when we visited Thorpe Park.

The VIP Coaster Climb happens just after the park has closed and you have a dedicated host who will talk you through the whole process before helping you get into your full body harness and taking you safely up to the top of the roller coaster. You can choose from one of three coasters in the park, THE SWARM, Nemesis Inferno and Colossus.  They will try and give you your first choice but obviously, it is also down to availability on the day.

Being the rollercoaster king in our house, I passed the choice of coaster to the teen and as THE SWARM is in his top three rides at Thorpe Park, he chose that one.

THE SWARM station is set like a partially destroyed church

If you have never been on THE SWARM, it opened in 2012 and is by far the most impressive of Thorpe Park’s rollercoasters.  Set in an area that has been designed to look like a disaster scene with a burnt out plane wreckage, upturned ambulance, a damaged helicopter, the scenery is impressive.  The station is even a partially wrecked church. With news reports and dramatic music, it all sets the scene for the ride.

THE SWARM at Thorpe Park  where the scene has been created to look like a disaster sceneScenery around THE SWARM at Thorpe Park

As we were the only ones there, we were able to take a really good look around at the scenery and the ride and it is impressive. Next stop was the control room to get our safety harnesses on and we got to see how everything works and from the inside.

When you go on the Thorpe Park VIP Coaster Climb you given full safety harnesses to keep you safe

THE SWARM ride starts off by heading up to a 127 feet platform and that was where we were headed.  Fully attached by our harnesses, we headed up the steps and within a few minutes, we were at the top.  The sun was shining and the views from the top were spectacular. You can see everything in the park and from up there, Stealth looks quite small.

Incredible views from the top of THE SWARM as part of the VIP Coaster Climb at Thorpe Park

From the top of the VIP Coaster Climb at Thorp Park, you get a fantastic view of the entire theme park

Even better are the views in the distance.  We were lucky that it was a clear day, we could see Windsor Castle, the Wembley arch and even the London skyline in the distance. It was amazing.

From the top of THE SWARM at Thorpe Park you can see the London skyline in the distance

While we were up there, our host filled us in with lots of history about Thorpe Park and gave us a real insight into the park and the rides.  It was really interesting.  We took a couple of ‘Stealthies’ (selfies with Stealth in the background) and headed back down.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Our host for the evening was absolutely lovely and she made us all feel really relaxed and was really patient and informative.  Both boys loved it.  One is a thrill seeker and the other not but they both equally loved the experience and have talked about it ever since.

The boys particularly loved being at the top of THE SWARM on the VIP Coaster Climb at Thorpe Park

The VIP Coaster Climb is one of a number of VIP experiences that Thorpe Park offers its visitors.  It costs an additional £50 per person but it is an experience like no other.  We certainly won’t forget it.

Scenery around THE SWARM at Thorpe Park

You can book your VIP Coaster Climb here and find out more about the other VIP experiences available.

The VIP Coaster Climb Experience at Thorpe Park

This experience was given to us free of charge as part of a blog ambassador package.  All opinions and images are our own.