Be a Disco Diva in Any Room with the ProSound Disco Ball

When you live with a disco diva, you need a disco ball in your life.  My daughter is a complete disco diva.  She loves music and one of the first things she did on Christmas day when she opened her tablet, was to download Spotify and create her own playlist.  She loves music and is always bouncing around to something.

Before Christmas, we bought a disco bulb which you put into the main light socket instead of the regular bulb.  It was a fun idea but it was annoying at times when you went to put the light on at 6 am in the morning and you were surrounded by sparkling revolving lights.  My daughter loved it but in the end, even she gave up on it.

The ProSound Lighting 7-inch Disco Ball from Maplin

Luckily, the new year brought a perfectly portable plug-in disco ball, perfect for my little diva to dance with to her heart content in any room of the house.

The ProSound Lighting 7-inch Disco Ball from Maplin is such a cute little gadget and such great value at £12.49. It is ready to use as soon as you unpack it, you simply plug it in, switch it on and the room is filled with coloured light beams going off in different directions.

The ProSound Lighting 7-inch Disco Ball from Maplin in action


The disco ball rotates on a vertical axis and only has one rotation speed but it works really well.  It uses one 25w bulb and this is included along with a spare bulb.  When the lights go off, it projects lights off the walls and my daughter has discovered that it is the perfect accompaniment to her karaoke machine.  We are really impressed with the disco ball, it is great fun and great value.

We were sent this product free of charge in return for a review.  All opinions are our own.