Interesting Conversations – Wot so funee!

Interesting Conversations – Wot so funee!

My seven-year-old son went on his first residential trip earlier this year. He went to an outward bound centre with the school for three days and had a fantastic time.

The day after his return, we were driving to school as normal, when we had a slightly bizarre conversation.

R: Justin Bieber is gay you know!
Me: Really?
R: yes definitely!
Me: Why do you say that?
R: Because he is!
Me: Do you know what ‘gay’ means?
R: Not really!
Me: Oh OK, well I don’t think its really a good word to use. (trying to avoid that conversation)
R: So what does it mean then?
Me: When two men or two women like each other.
R: (after a thoughtful pause) What like me and H at school?
Me:(now wishing I hadn’t started this) No not like that, not friends more than that, like mummy and daddy, but say two men or two women.

R: (spotting some girls walking down the road) Is that the girl O used to go out with (O is my teenage son)
Me: (glad of the subject change) Yes I think so.
R: Were they sexing?
Me: What?
R: Were they sexing?
Me: what exactly is sexing?
R: You know? (grins widely)
Me: (slightly concerned) Do I?
R: Yes, kissing and cuddling and stuff!
Me: Right, OK, where have you got this from?
R: The girls that came on the trip with me!

Well, seven-year-old girls know a lot more than I did at that age, that’s for sure!!!

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