The Seat of My Pants

A strange title for a post I know, but this is a phrase that I would use to describe my life right now. Well, actually, it describes my life pretty much all the time. I live my life by the seat of my pants. I am Mrs Last Minute Dot Com. Why do something today if you can put it off until the last available opportunity? That seems to have subconsciously become my motto over the years. It wasn’t a deliberate choice, it just seems to be the way things are.

Looking back, I was the same when I was growing up. Sunday nights were always filled with homework that really could have and should have been done earlier. Revision was only ever done when needed. General planning was the same.  I’m not sure that it is a way of life that I would recommend, but I managed to survive school and university with that philosophy.

Being a parent has changed things somewhat. It has had to. If I left everything to the last minute these days, things would be a bit of a disaster. Having said that, my organisation skills are still very lacking. I have so many different places that I store information and dates, it is a wonder that anything happens on time. There is a family calendar, two notice boards, a chalkboard, various electronic devices and a rather nice flowery Filofax.

All of them are used; well except the lovely Filofax, which I like stroking lovingly from time to time, but I have never actually used the damn thing. The calendar has most dates on for appointments and school things for the children and my husbands commitments. However, I often forget to look and have missed a few things on there from time to time. The chalkboard is the place where I try and write the very important things as I look at it several times a day; although things can still be on there for a very long time considering they are all important. The notice boards are so full of paperwork that I just try and ignore them as they depress me.

Electronic devices that I use for everything else are not used to help me organise my life. Don’t ask my why, but I just don’t find that I get on with them in that way.  My phone is always with me.  I use it for social media, blogging, the internet, checking emails and probably lots of other things, but as a calendar or organiser?  Never.

And the thing with being a parent is that there is always something that needs doing.  Forms to fill in, money to pay, stuff to send in for projects, dress up days, non-uniform days, trips, homework to be done.  That is just school stuff too.  Add a few clubs plus daily life and family holidays into the mix and it is a constant juggling act.  My problem is that I just have too many balls.

Going back to work has added what feels like a dozen balls into the equation.  Planning lessons, organising childcare, marking and lots besides is proving to be a big chunk of my existence at the moment.  I am lucky to have one day a fortnight at home without the children.. In theory I ‘should’ be spending that day planning and organising to within an inch of my life.  Am I?  Am I heck, I have mostly spent those days drinking endless cups of tea, watching daytime television and doing a bit of blogging.

Someone reminded me on Twitter yesterday about World Book Day.  I always dread it and always have.  Yes, yes, it is a lovely day for the children.  A chance to celebrate all things bookish and literary.  I get that and all of the positive things that come with it, but for some parents it is a nightmare.  It is the same every year.  I know it is there, at the beginning of March, lurking with intent, but I ignore it. I think that this may successfully make it go away.  But it does not.  Even having been reminded about it yesterday and having written this post, I won’t rush off and plan it with great gusto.  Nope, last minute dot com will reign supreme and you will probably find me in scurrying around like a lunatic on March 6th trying to cobble three amazing outfits together.

Maybe one day I will grow up and sort myself out.  I always have these great intentions to change and become the most organised mum on the block, but if I’m honest, I don’t see that happening any time soon.



  1. February 15, 2013 / 9:19 am

    Aaagh! I totally get where you are coming from. I always used to be organised and get things done ahead of time, but now they’re always last minute and I have things like school governor work gnawing away at me because I know I haven’t done it. The constant school letters to fill in, write a cheque and send back are the bane of my life too.

  2. February 15, 2013 / 1:10 pm

    I could have SO written this post!!!!Its me down to a tee!And it drives me mad about myself and Im always in search of the holy grail and trying to become ‘organised’ and I DO try so very hard but you know what ‘it just ain’t happening!’ So high 5 sister,I know exactly where you are coming from!

  3. February 18, 2013 / 7:51 pm

    I think none of us should really grow up at all and instead we should just sit around stroking our filofaxes 😉 Pahaha x great post xx

  4. February 22, 2013 / 12:29 am

    I’m always the mummy running into the playground late, scruffy children, messy hair, damn we forgot the homework! I’d love to be organised I feel like I’m embarrassing the kids and letting them down but I’m scatty by nature! X

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