All I want for Mother’s Day

All I want for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I am a big fan of Mother’s Day.  I get a lie in, breakfast in bed and made a fuss of all day and I love it.  Having brought four wonderful children into the world, I think I deserve one day where they make an effort to take care of me for a change.  All I really want for Mother’s Day is a homemade card or two, I love the hugs and kisses and I have to admit that I don’t mind the odd present or two. This year, I have been sent some great ideas for Mother’s Day and so if you need to drop a few hints this year, maybe there is something here that will appeal.

Scrabble Lights

Scrabble was a very important part of my formative years and luckily R loves the game and so we play regularly and we both love the Scrabble lights.  In fact, we all love the Scrabble lights (even the non-Scrabble players) and what’s not to love.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Scrabble Lights Box

Inside the box, there is a set of ten lights strung together and each light is shaped like a blank Scrabble tile.  Using the 60 reusable letter stickers, you can create names or short messages with the letters and then, of course, you can work out the word score too as it has the letter value underneath.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Scrabble Lights Box Contents

The Scrabble Lights (designed by are a simply brilliant idea and so much fun.  We are all fighting over who will have them in their bedroom, so I may have to invest in another couple of sets, but at less than £20, they are great value.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Scrabble Lights

Watercolor Wishes Card Making Kit

Made by Stampin’ Up!, the Watercolor Wishes is a brilliant kit with everything you need to make a range of different cards.  Stampin’ Up! are an international craft company who sell a wonderful range of products to create handmade cards, scrapbook pages, craft projects, and home decor and you can find out more about Stampin’ Up! on their website.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Watercolor Wishes

The Watercolor Wishes contains 20 cards in three different sizes and enough craft materials to create unique cards for any occasion.  I love the idea of making my own cards but as I as I am often short on both time and ideas, I think that this kit is brilliant.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Stampin' Up! Watercolor Wishes Kit

Making the cards is so quick and easy, the set contains double sided adhesive dots, 20 card bases (folded card sizes: 4″ x 4″, 3-1/2″ x 5″, 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″), 12-piece photopolymer stamp set, die-cut accents, cardstock flag stickers, navy and red Stampin’ Spots, washi tape, 50 sequins and an acrylic stamp block.  This all comes in a handy box to keep everything in along with a sheet with lots of card ideas on to give you some inspiration.

Cards that you can make from Watercolor Wished Card Making Kit

I am the first to admit that I am not the craftiest person but I do love creating things and this kit makes card making very easy.  I had a quick look and chose a card base I liked, added a few images and a label using the adhesive dots and then created a message using the acrylic stamp block.  It literally took me a few minutes to make and I was quite pleased with the result.

Homemade card using Stamping' Up Card Making KitThis would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or you could treat yourself and use the kit to make a Mother’s Day card.  The Watercolor Wishes card making kit costs £31.50 and you can buy it or find out more here.

Personalised Wooden Tray from Getting Personal

Getting Personal is one of my favourite gift sites.  I have featured their products a few times now and I do shop on the site myself and can vouch for the value and quality of everything that I have had from them.  The Personalised Wooden Tray is a wonderful gift idea and I am so thrilled with mine.  It comes in  a choice of six colours:

Personalised Wooden Tray colours from Getting Personal

Measuring 50cm x 32cm x 7cm, it is a really good size and sturdy construction (made from Sustainable FSC pine which has been professionally treated and coloured.)  You can personalise it with a message of your choice up to 20 characters and I love the idea of having Mum’s Breakfast or Breakfast in Bed printed on it.  In the end, however, I chose to have Stressy Mummy on my in the shabby blue and it is absolutely gorgeous.

Personalised Wooden Tray in Shabby Blue from Getting Personal

I love the colour and style of the tray and I have already given the children lots of hints about it being the perfect size for breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day or any other day for that matter.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Personalised Wooden Tray from Getting Personal

My own mum has also spotted it and fell in love with it, so I may well be putting in an order for another one myself.  Getting Personal have a wonderful selection of personalised gifts that mums would love, so check out their website to see for yourself.

Toiletry Bags from Duckydora

duckydora logo

Duckydora has not only one of the coolest company names that I have heard but also one of the best websites I have come across too. The name came from the two sisters who founded the company’s grandmother, the family were from Leicestershire where the phrase “me duck” was often used and the sister’s granny used to ask “what’s up duckydora?” Wanting to find a name that fitted with their desire to provide people with British made, exclusive and beautiful homewares, Duckydora was the perfect name.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Duckydora Toiletry Bags

Browsing the Duckydora website, you quickly realise that you have found something very special. Their range of products is dominated by four main patterns which are all striking and unique.  The pottery is amazing and I have already seen a few ideas for things that I would love to see in my kitchen. But there are beautiful ideas for the home from pet products through to the most wonderful clocks, aprons to toiletry bags. Duckydora sent me one of their toiletry bags in the Florence oilcloth design.  It is the perfect size to carry smaller objects or as a makeup bag.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Florence Toiletry Bag from duckydora

I love the design and the colours and the toiletry bags are available in three sizes; this small one, a medium bag which is the same shape but bigger and a large bag which has handles.  The whole Florence range is stunning and I strongly recommend that you take a look at the Duckydora website as there are some lovely designs and unique ideas on every page.

Florence design from duckydora

Bucket Bags from Jane’s Sewing Box

If you are looking for a beautiful selection of handmade fabric gift ideas, then take a visit to Jane’s Sewing Box or her store on Etsy where you will find a wonderful range of bags, bunting, aprons, placemats, pencil rolls and more, all in amazing colours and fabrics.

Jane's Sewing Box

Jane sent me one of her contemporary bucket handbags in a heart fabric with a tie fastening in a complimentary fabric.  The bag is fully lined and beautifully made and will be perfect for spring and summer.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Tie Fastened Bag from Sewingboxbyjane Bag

It measures 25cm high 34cm wide 11cm deep and comes in a range of colours and patterns.  At £13.50, it is great value too and would make a lovely present idea.  Be warned, though, if you have a young daughter, she may feel that she also needs the bag, but luckily Jane also does a smaller version for girls.

Jane's Sewing Box Contemporary Bucket Handbag

The Family Book from Illustries

One of the great things about writing this blog is finding new and original products and I have certainly discovered a gem in The Family Book from Illustries.

The Family Book from Illustries

 The Family Book is one of those things that I wish I had discovered years ago. Taking the popular idea of a baby record book, this book takes over and is a very special book where you can keep a note of memories and milestones along with everyday things, funny things and all sorts of things that you want to look back and remember about your family life.

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Family Book from Illustries 3

Write down things that your family love …

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Family Book by Illustries

… or what they want to achieve in the future …

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Family Book from Illustries1

… or simply keep a record of the funny things that your children say.  Each double page of The Family Book gives you a new, fun idea to record and you can add photos, drawings, selfies in too.

Mother's Day Gift Guide The Family Book from Illustries

Once completed The Family Book would be a fabulous record of family life and I can’t wait to get started on ours.

Trolley Bags

How often do you find yourself at the supermarket without any carrier bags? Do you have a pile of carrier bags and bags for life and always leave them at home or in the car? I have to say yes to both questions and I regularly find myself having to pay for plastic bags which is annoying.  It only takes a few bags a week and that is over £10 a year on carrier bags.  Luckily. Trolley Bags have come to the rescue with a set of four bags that wrap neatly together with velcro and have a carry handle so that you can easily store the bags, rolled up together, ready for the next  time you need to use them.

Trolley Bags in Action

Trolley Bags have been cleverly designed not only to be easily carried and stored but also to be quick and easy to use.  Whilst you are doing your shopping, they hang on the hook out of the way until needed.  When you are ready to pay, unwrap them, pop them on top of your trolley and thanks to the they way they slot onto the top of the trolley, you can then simply pull them out and voila, four open bags waiting to be filled.  If you scan as you shop, again Trolley Bags are perfect as you can fill them as you go around.

Using Trolley Bags

I have used my set of Trolley Bags twice so far and I am very impressed.  I am making the switch from online shopping to doing my shopping in store once again, so they have arrived at the perfect time.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Trolley Bags

Not only will Trolley Bags save you money, they are extremely clever and well designed and will quickly become one of those products that you wondered how you managed without them and your packing is well and truly sorted.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Trolley Bags 2

A set of four Trolley Bags costs £17.99 and you can find out more here.


Very recently Virgin Wine’s has partnered up with the runner up of 2015s BBC’s Apprentice, Vana Koutsomitis in order to launch her very own brand of flavoured wines, VinobyVana.

 VinobyVana is a twist on the traditional wines people know and love. It is an aromatized, low alcohol wine-based drink, comprised of a blend of quality Rosé with natural fruit flavours.

The first in the VinobyVana range is Pink Grapefruit. It’s a vibrant, refreshing drink which is low in alcohol – only 8% – and can be served on ice.Mother's Day Gift Guide VinobyVana Pink Grapefruit

I love grapefruit and it makes a very refreshing flavour for wine.  The bottle itself is very eye-catching and I was excited to try it.  Refreshing, easy to drink, VinobyVana gets a big thumbs up from me, I would definitely buy it again, it’s delicious and I love the idea of fruity wines.

 VinobyVana is available exclusively on Virgin Wine’s website for £5.99 per bottle RRP.


Pomora is an adoption programme with a difference. With a vision to create a community of food lovers and food producers who share an ethical vision, Pomora offers a unique opportunity to adopt an Italian olive tree and receive quarterly shipments of the most wonderful olive oil.  Not only that, you will receive an adoption pack packed with information about your tree.

Mother's Day gift Guide Pomora

I have had a year long adoption with Pomora and I have been delighted with my quarterly packages.  You can read my original post about Pomora here but one year on, I have been extremely impressed.  Each quarterly delivery provides you with different oils, the extra virgin along with flavours such as garlic, basil, lemon and the wonderful white truffle.


It is easy to use and store and I have used  my Pomora oils in a range of different recipes.  A Pomora adoption would be a wonderful gift for anyone and by paying to adopt a Pomora olive tree, you are helping to support traditional farming communities in Italy at the same time.

Find out more about Pomora on their website.

We Are Tea

I know that Mother’s Day for me would not be right without a nice cup of tea and thanks to We Are Tea, I will be able to try something different this year.  The first thing you notice about the products in the We Are Tea range is the very striking packaging.  It certainly stands out and I love the metal canisters that the tea arrived in.  We Are Tea has a range of 40 teas that are available in the reusable loose tea caddies or pyramid whole leaf tea bags and classified into six categories to make it easy to select, steep and enjoy.

The first thing you notice about the products in the We Are Tea range is the very striking packaging.  It certainly stands out and I love the metal canisters that the tea arrived in.  We Are Tea has a range of 40 teas that are available in the reusable loose tea caddies or pyramid whole leaf tea bags and classified into six categories to make it easy to select, steep and enjoy.

Mother's Day gift Guide We are tea

Rose white peony, whole chamomile flowers and rose gong are just three of the teas available and they each have a different tea base which has been gently infused with the flowers to create a delicate floral taste.

Find out more about We Are Tea on their website.

Nelson’s Arnicare Bath and Massage Balm

If you are looking for a luxurious treat for Mother’s Day, this dual-purpose balm, it’s perfect for  massaging into tired muscles or pouring into a bath to create a gorgeous fragrance that will help you to relax and unwind after a busy day. The natural properties of Arnica montana extract and sweet scents of Lavender and Grapefruit essential oils are ideal for calming senses and melting away tension. It’s also enriched with Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond oil making it the perfect pampering treat.

So far, I have tried a little drop of the Nelson’s Arnicare and Massage Balm in a hot bath and it smelled and felt wonderful.  A real treat.  When I came out, my skin felt and smelled wonderful too, so this is perfect for the end of a stressful day.

Nelsons arnicare bath & massage balm costs £8.15 and is available from Boots.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Nelsons arnicare Bath and Massage Balm

Timeless Truths Bio-Cellulose Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Sheet Mask

This face mask was recently voted gold in the anti-ageing category of the Pure Beauty Awards 2015, it is made with the innovative bio-cellulose cloth which is derived from tiny fibres of coconuts and considered to be one of the purest materials on the market today. Holding one hundred times its weight in serum, it delivers and intense dose of hydration along with the positve effects of its other leading ingredients such as bee venom, which is thought to be nature’s alternative to botox, and Royal Jelly which is know for its anti-ageing properties.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Bee Bio Cellulose Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Miracle Mask

Once you take the mask out of the packet, you remove the gauze covering and place in onto your face.  You can place the sachet in the fridge or in warm water before hand to give it a cooling or warming sensation.  It feels skin-like to touch and once on, relax and wait for the mask to do its job.  When you take the mask off, some of the serum remains on your skin, there is no need to wash it off, simply rub it into your skin to give it a boost.

 The Timeless Truths Bio-Cellulose Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Sheet Mask is an amazing mask.  It is a long time since I have used a face mask but I would definitely use this one again.  It left my skin looking and feeling amazing.  It was soft, supple and it looked brighter and tighter.  I can see why this mask is award winning.  It is available here and costs £7.90 for a single use mask.

Taylors of Harrogate Rose Lemonade Fruit and Herbal Infusion

The new Rose Lemonade Fruit and Herbal Infusion has been carefully crafted by Taylors of Harrogate, in partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, combining expert knowledge of flora and fauna with over 120 years of experience in the art of tea making. Using ingredients carefully sourced by Taylors and certified by botanic experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Taylors of Harrogate’s pairing of citrus and floral flavours makes for a flavoursome and refreshing cup of tea- delicious served hot or left to cool.

Created using all natural ingredients, the blend brings a new twist to the fruit and herbal tea range and is perfect for a refreshing drink to reinvigorate the day.

The Taylors of Harrogate Rose Lemonade Fruit and Herbal Infusion is available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores from October 2015, RRP £2.99, for 20 tea bags.

Mother's Day Gift Guide Taylors of Harrogate Rose Lemonade Rose Lemonade Herbal Tea Infusion

Mustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum

Perfect for  mums to be and new mums this Mother’s Day, Mustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum’s (RRP £14.95 from exclusive formula contains Centella Asiatica & Elastoregulator which helps to maintain the firmness of the décolleté and repair stretch marks, as well as being packed with natural ingredients and is smooth and non-sticky to apply.

Mother's Day Gift GuideMustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum

All of the items featured in this post were sent for review purposes.  All opinions are my own. 



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    Some great ideas there – I particularly like the Scrabble lights, the tray (which I would use as an in-tray to keep my work tidy rather than to eat off!) and The Family Book. To be honest, I’d just settle for a day where the kids behaved themselves, didn’t argue and didn’t make a mess. I’m dreaming, aren’t I?

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