I just want a sofa …

I just want a sofa …

I really do. I’m not fussy, at this stage pretty much anything will do.

You see last year, we got rid of our much-loved leather corner sofa.  We bought it before we had our three youngest children and it was wonderful, soft, squidgy, with enough space for everyone.  It took years of being lounged on, jumped on, slept on, used as a wrestling ring, a trampoline, a den and so much more.

It was huge though and when we made the sad decisions for it to go, I can honestly say that I have no idea how the delivery men got it into our lounge.

The curse of many a delivery driver, we live in a three storey townhouse and we love it but the stairs are narrow and with a living room on the first floor, it makes getting furniture in almost impossible.  In fact, in some cases, if it’s not flat packed, it’s not going in.

It took us two days to break the sofa down and we caused our son to have a massive allergic reaction in the process. But suddenly we had so much space in the living room. It reminded me of the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ (but with fewer animals).

We bought a small two seater sofa and took up an old sofa bed and for a while that was fine. But with three children who all like to lie on the sofa, there was never enough room and added to that, the sofa bed was quite literally on its last legs.

After a few months, I saw the sofa I wanted on an advert for a well know sofa store. It was the perfect colour. I measured up and chose the size and then for some unknown reason, went and ordered the completely wrong size.  What made it worse was the fact that I had ordered three.  Three huge three seater sofas.  I didn’t realise at the time and sat back waiting for my dream sofas to arrive.

The old well-worn sofa bed was dismantled and got rid of and we moved the smaller sofa to a different room.  I even redecorated the living room in readiness for the new colour scheme.  I was very excited and could picture myself sitting on the new sofas with a cup of tea and a good book. Heaven.

Delivery day came, I had been going on about it so much that we were all quite excited. But as soon as the delivery man came in and looked at the stairs he said that there was no way they would fit.  They talked about taking a window out and getting them in that way but looking at the size of the sofas, we wouldn’t have been able to move in the living room with those monsters inside.  It would be like sofa sardines.

Thankfully, said company were amazing. They took them back and said that as long as we paid a £29 delivery charge, they would make the smaller ones that I had originally wanted to order.  We were pleased with the outcome as it was completely my mistake. But it would be another month or so with just one small sofa and some beanbags.

Now, I had originally measured for the sofas but my husband wanted to check and the original person we spoke to said that it could be arranged for someone from the local shop to come and measure up just to make sure.  We didn’t hear anything so we contacted them again.  They said that the second set of sofas was already ordered and that we shouldn’t worry as there was a significant size difference so it would be fine.

We did worry a little and life without sofas was really tricky.  The kids are happy to lounge on beanbags but I need a good sofa to sit on. Bean bags are great and all, but you lounge rather than sit and if I sit on them for too long, I need a crane to lift me back up again.

A friend suggested buying a blow-up sofa but I looked and decided that it wasn’t for long and it wasn’t worth paying out more money when we would have lovely new sofas soon enough.

After a few weeks, the call came to say that they were ready and the delivery was set for the next week.  I was beyond excited.  The thought of being able to sit down in the living room and be comfortable filled me with great joy.

In came the delivery man.  He took one look at the stairs and said that they wouldn’t fit.  I could have cried.  He did try but it wasn’t going to happen.

That was a sad day.  Even the kids, who don’t mind the bean bags were disappointed. I was disappointed and a little bit frustrated as if they had measured, they would have realised that it was too tight and we could have looked at alternatives.

The company were again amazing.  They accepted full responsibility and this time suggested reclining sofas as they can be dismantled.  They talked me through the different options and prices and in the end, we ended up paying quite a bit more, but there is no point saving money on a sofa that you can’t get up the stairs.

So we have now been sofa less for what feels like forever.  The living room that used to the place where we all congregated is often empty with the children preferring to sit on their beds.  I really miss not only the sofas but the sense of family that the room gives us.

The new sofas are going to be ready at the end of the month and all I can say is that if they don’t fit, I might just go and buy an inflatable one and be done with it.

I just want a sofa




  1. June 23, 2017 / 11:38 am

    Oh no what an absolute nightmare. I remember when we moved into our house the patio window had to come out to get the sofa in. Partly the reason why we still have the same sofa, 16 years on. We are desperate for a new sofa, but no idea how we will get the old one out. Really hope you get your sofa soon x

  2. June 23, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    Oh my goodness! What a nightmare! No wonder you’re frustrated. It’s good that the delivery company have at least been so accommodating. I’ve got everything crossed that you get the right sofa next time!

  3. June 25, 2017 / 9:26 am

    Oh no what a saga! Hope it is sorted soon!

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