Christmas Gift Guide – Children

Christmas Gift Guide – Children

Disney Guess the Film Game

We absolutely love this game and it is very simple to set up a play and Disney fans will love it.  The board is a stand with full of little doors with a series of coloured Mickey Mouse heads on each door.  The dice corresponds to the colours on the doors and when you throw the dice, you choose to open one of the doors of that colour.  Behind the doors is an image of a well-known Disney film and the idea is to guess which film it is first.

Disney Guess the Film from Jumbo GamesAn incorrect guess means that you are out for the rest of that round but a correct guess wins you a Mickey token.  The first player to win four tokens wins the game.

Disney Guess the Film from Jumbo Games Film Cards

There are lots of different films and they all slot behind the frame and you can easily change them without seeing, so everyone can play.  It is recommended for children aged 4 and over and I think this would be a perfect family game for the whole family as everyone knows the films included.

Disney Guess the Film from Jumbo Games Mickey Tokens and Dice

Disney Guess the Film Game is from Jumbo Games and is available from Amazon.

JD Bug Classic Street 120 Matt Purple Foldable Scooter

My daughter loves to scoot.  If she could, she would scoot everywhere but she has become frustrated with her scooter recently as it has four wheels and she wants a two-wheeler.  The other issue is lack of space in my car, it has a small boot and after bags and PE kits have been put in, there isn’t a whole lot of space for a scooter.

JD Bug Classic Street 120 Matt Purple Foldable Scooter from

Thanks to I have found the perfect solution.  The JD Bug Classic Street 120 Matt Purple Foldable Scooter is perfect in every way.  Not only is it a two-wheeler and in my daughter’s favourite colour but it folds up completely, making it easy to carry and transport.  It even has a removable strap so that you can carry it, folded, on your shoulder.

JD Bug Classic Street 120 Matt Purple Foldable Scooter from Folded

It is an extremely robust and good quality scooter too and it comes built and ready to use which ticks the final requirement box for me.  All that for just £44.95 which is great value and at the moment it comes with a £15 free scooter bonus pack. have a wide range of scooters, skates, skateboards, Heelys, bikes and more.  Check out their website for more information.

Spots Satchel Lunch Bag

Spots Satchel Lunch Bag from Spearmark

I think that the photo alone explains why I have included this Spots Satchel Lunch Bag from Spearmark in my gift guide.  It is absolutely gorgeous, so much so that I am so very tempted to keep it for myself.  That would be mean as I work from home though wouldn’t it? Well-insulated, spacious and easy to clean the Satchel Lunch Bag has a carry handle and shoulder strap.  It also comes in a variety of colours but this is my favourite.  The Spots Satchel Lunch Bag is £12.99 and available from Amazon.

LeapPad Platinum

Aimed at children aged between 3 and 9, the LeapPad is the ultimate tablet for young children.  It has a  7? hi-res touchscreen with Wi-Fi with Kidweb, access to over 500 games and it is the toughest LeapPad yet.  This learning tablet has a fast, powerful processor and sleek design. We have had LeapPads in the past and loved them but this is by far the best one and my daughter absolutely loves it and everything that it can do.

It has been designed to withstand the roughest children with a shatter-safe screen and wrap-around bumper. It features 8GB memory, front and back cameras and video recorders, a music player, enhanced parent controls, kid-safe web browser and more.  When you buy the LeapPad Platinum, it includes bonus games and apps and as you would expect with a LeapFrog learning product, you can access their learning library, with a huge collection of LeapFrog educator-approved games, books, videos, music and more.

LeapPad Platinum

The screen is bigger and the graphics are much better than any previous versions and this really helps to make the Leap Pad more user-friendly.  The parental controls are a great new feature as this gives you control over what your child is playing and seeing and how long they are using the LeapPad for but also peace of mind which in this digital age, is a really important factor. I also like the fact that the stylus is attached by a short cord which will stop the endless hunting for the lost stylus.


The camera is easy and fun to use and takes good quality photos which can be decorated and played around with.  It is also an integral part of the Imagicards which are cards that you can use with the device to bring characters to life, unlock special content in games or even take selfies with the characters.  We liked the Imagicards and they are a really nice addition to the device.

The web browser is super child-friendly and allows children to access content that is only suitable for children, which LeapFrog has curated especially. For younger children, the safety aspect of the LeapPad is really good, you really do have complete control and I like that.

Find out more about the LeapPad Platinum and range of other LeapFrog products here.

LEGO Friends Snow Resort

My daughter is obsessed with LEGO Friends and I love to watch her playing with it as she will play for hours with the characters and playsets that she already has.  Last year it was the amusement park and she has spent many happy hours playing with her rollercoaster and fair rides.  This year the LEGO Friends are off to a Snow Resort and there are some great new sets to collect. From a Ski Lift to a hot chocolate van, all of the sets are filled with all of those tiny details that make LEGO Friends sets so special and my daughter has them all on her Christmas list.

LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader Boxed

We had a taste of the set with the LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader which includes a car complete with roof fack, Emma in her ski kit, a ski ramp, snowboard, and map.  The set was built in minutes and along with her other sets, my daughter had added it into her world of imaginary play.

LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader Built

I am pretty confident that we will be adding some of the Snow Resort sets to our LEGO Friends collection this year but this set is a great on its own or as part of the bigger sets. You can buy the LEGO Friends Snow Resort Off-Roader from for £12.99.

Balloon Dog Light from Red Candy

If you are looking to add some colour to any part of your home, Red Candy is the place to look with a vast array of colourful, quirky and interesting ideas for every room.  The Balloon Dog Light caught my eye immediately as something that would be perfect for a child’s bedroom as it is such a fun light.

Balloon Dog Light from Red Candy

The Balloon Dog Light comes in three colours: blue, red and green and you simply squeeze the dogs leg to turn it on and off. It is a battery operated light and also has a 30-minute sleep timer function so would be a perfect night light.

Balloon Dog Light from Red Candy Switched On

I absolutely love this light, it is cute, colourful and charming and although I have included it as a suitable gift for children, some adults will love it too (me).  The Balloon Dog Light from Red Candy is £26 from Red Candy.

Box Head by BoxHeadCraft

This is another thing that I have discovered recently and I absolutely love the idea.  Box Heads are an ingenious idea.  Designed for kids who like gaming, these are boxes which come flat packed ready to be turned into your child’s favourite characters. They work particularly well with characters from Minecraft, Terraria or Roblox as they are made up of large squares that can be coloured in to create your character’s head.

Once coloured, the boxes can be easily assembled with the flaps on the box, so no need for glue or tape and then the heads are ready for play, dress up and can even be used for storage.

BOX Head By BoxHead Craft

This is such a brilliant thing for children as it gets them off their devices and being creative and really you could use them to create any character you wanted.  My daughter loves hers, but just can’t decide which character to do and won’t start colouring until she is sure.

Box Head Crafts on Etsy

Box Heads are available from Box HeadCraft on Etsy and come in individual packs (£8), Playdate packs of 2 (£14) or a party pack of 10 (£60) and these would be a great idea for a party.

Underwater Light Show from

Underwater Light Show from Prezzybox

Still on the subject of lights, have a real treat in the form of an Underwater Light Show.  These amazing lights come in a set of two battery operated lights that can go in the bath or pool.  Perfectly safe to be in the water, these clever little lights have five sequences of colour which mean that bathtime will never be dull again.

Floating Light Show unboxed from

For £11.99 you get two lights and you can change the light sequence from disco style flashing to something more gentle and relaxing by pushing a button on the side.  Great fun and one of many great gift ideas from for children and I may have to buy myself the Fisher-Price Classics Record Player as I always wanted one of those as a child and I haven’t seen one for years!



Children's Gift Ideas from


Trunkaroo is a box containing all of the materials for two hands-on projects to help children create, discover, imagine and experiment. With a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, art, and maths, these are projects that will make children think and learn whilst having fun being creative.  It is beautifully presented and includes colourful step by step instructions for both projects and in addition, there is a Discoveroo which is a mini magazine with fun activities all linked with the projects or theme of the box.

Trunkaroo websiteThere are two ways of enjoying the Trunkaroo experience with your kids.  Firstly, there is a monthly subscription which means you will automatically get the new box each month.  Alternatively, there are a number of one-off boxes or ‘single trunks’ with great themes such as an Exploring Nature Art and Science Trunk, Bubble Science Trunk or Gifts I’ve Made Trunk.

Trunkaroo BoxWe were sent the Spooky Pets Halloween Trunk and my daughter was so excited to open it up and find such exciting projects inside. The two projects were Pompom monsters and Friction Fiends. Inside the trunk, we found stickers, wool, press out bat shapes, googly eyes, string, straws and more all wrapped up in orange tissue paper.

Trunkaroo Spooky Pets Halloween Trunk Contents

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and although I was sat with her, my 7-year-old daughter was able to manage the projects herself. The instructions also give you some interesting facts and also a challenge to do with each project once it is completed.

Trunkaroo Spooky Pets Halloween Trunk InstructionsShe started off with the Fiction Fiends which is a project to make and decorate two bats with movable wings which you attract to string and when you pull the string, the bat shoots up to the top and then slides back down again. She loves this and once you have made two, you can race them.

Next up was the Pompom Monsters and the kit included a pompom maker which we both loved.  We have plans to make lots more pompoms with it in the future as it makes the process a lot easier.

Trunkaroo Pompom monsters

We loved Trunkaroo and really enjoyed the whole box from the projects to the challenges and the activities in Discoveroo.  The single trunks are £20 plus postage and the monthly subscription is £19.99 per month plus postage with 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions available which work out cheaper. Find out more here.


Illumi-mates from SpearmarkWith the world’s obsession with emojis still going strong, kids love all things emoji and they will love these new Illumi-mates from Spearmark.

Fun and interactive Illumi-mates glow subtly through a range of different colours as soon as they’re switched on. There are eight to collect and you can choose from:

They are battery operated, easily portable and stay cool to the touch, so safe for little ones to carry too.  They make great nightlights for bedrooms or even to take camping.

Big Kiss Illumi-mate

Illumi-mates are available from Amazon.

Mugs from Favourite Films

My kids all love mugs too and they have always preferred drinking from mugs and we have quite an impressive collection. If you thought Truffle Shuffle was all about t-shirts, they do have a fabulous range but there are also lots of other amazing gifts too and I love their collection mugs.  They make great stocking fillers and you can choose from a range of characters from favourite films and TV shows.

Mugs for Kids - Truffle Shuffle


Harry Potter fans will love this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mug (£9.99) and it is a great mug for kids big and small. It features the Hogwarts crest on the front and back.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mug from Truffle ShuffleMy daughter and I both love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and this Disney Beauty and the Beast Boxed Heat Changing Mug is so cool.  When it is filled with a warm drink, it warms up and scenes from the Disney film appear on both sides.
Disney Beauty and the Beast Boxed Heat Changing Mug

Cancer Care Parcels

Dr Shara Cohen set up The Cancer Care Parcel after her own breast cancer diagnosis back in 2013.  Overwhelmed by everything involved, she realised that in addition to the stress and worry involved, there was very little time to relax.  The Cancel Care Parcel is ” to bring back a bit of calm into the lives of people suffering with cancer and its treatment”

Cancel Care Parcels

The hampers available are amazing and it is immediately clear that a lot of time and thought has gone into choosing the best selection of gifts that will really help anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Childhood Cancer Gift Box_ The Little Monkey Mighty Big HamperCancer Care Parcel has a range of different hampers for children and The Little Monkey Mighty Big Hamper would brighten any day.  The contents are a combination of fun, engaging and practical presents that are perfect to keep a child occupied and prove useful in hospital.

Things to distract from Cancer Care Parcel The Little Monkey Mighty Big Hamper

There are games and activities which will provide a welcome distraction such as a card game, notebook and colouring pencils.

Practical things from Cancer Care Parcel The Little Monkey Mighty Big Hamper

It also contains lots of practical things such as a handwarmer, water bottle, reading light, headphones, a fan, batteries, tissues, and wipes.

A variety of things from Cancer Care Parcel The Little Monkey Mighty Big Hamper

And there’s more.  A phone charger, bouncy ball, bubbles, a glow stick, herbal tea, vaseline and Sea Bands all add more variety to the hamper.


There are also gifts that will add all important comfort such as a luxurious throw, a funky monkey cushion, and soft gloves.

Bags from--Cancer-Care-Parcel-The-Little-Monkey-Mighty-Big-Hamper

Finally, there is a monkey backpack and a cool bag.  Each item has been specifically chosen as something that will provide either comfort, practical help or distraction.

Cancer Care Parcels are such a wonderful idea.  In addition to this hamper, there is a Children’s Christmas Sack, a Kids Pink Parcel hamper and an Essential Childhood Cancer hamper.  These would be a welcome present for any child who had received a cancer diagnosis and also hugely appreciated by parents as they contain such a useful range of things. There are also hampers for adults too.

There is also lots of useful information and resources on the website to which is useful as it is often hard to know where to start looking when the shock of a diagnosis comes.  Find out more about Cancer Care Parcel on their website.


No Christmas in this house would be complete without some Haribo and we have been sampling the Christmas range.  It has been so popular that it has all gone.  Completely gone.

Haribo Selection Box and Tub

This year, the tub is back with 28 treat packs which are perfect to share.  Perfect for stockings is the Haribo selection box with bags of all your favourite Haribo treats.

Haribo Christmas Treats

There are even boxes of Starmix and Maoam Stripes which are perfect to hide on the Christmas tree and talking of Christmas trees …

Haribo Giant Trees

The Haribo Giant Trees are delicious, so delicious in fact that I ate the whole bag!  Whoops.

Wales T-Shirt from TOFFS

British company TOFFS (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company) featured in my Tween and Teen gift guide with their fantastic range of retro football shirts.  They also include rugby shirts, t-shirts and other gift ideas which football and rugby fans will love.


TOFFS also have a fantastic children’s range, so you don’t have to leave your mini-sports fans out.  I couldn’t resist this Kids Wales Tee RED/White Ringer for my daughter as all of my children are big Wales Supporters, as their dad is Welsh  The boys have lost of Wales shirts but being a girl, she often just inherits their cast offs.  She loves this t-shirt and is very happy to finally have one of her own.

Jelly Belly Lip Balms

If you love Jelly Belly jelly beans, you will love the lip balms as they smell good enough to eat.  You can get individual sticks for £3.  The sticks also come in multipacks and these make brilliant gifts or stocking fillers as they look brilliant and smell even better.

Jelly Belly Lip Balms


The Jelly Belly Lip Balms are available from Tesco.

The Children’s Meditations In My Heart

The Children’s Meditations in My Heart by Gitte Winter Graugaard is a collection of meditations designed to help children drift off to sleep within minutes. An immediate hit in Denmark, Graugaard’s book has since been translated into English and is now available in the UK, where it retails at £14.95 for a beautifully illustrated hardback copy.

The Children's Meditations In My Heart

This really is a beautiful book and reading it at bedtime really does create a calm and peaceful environment in a world where children are constantly over stimulated and often over-tired.

The book is a collection of four meditations for parents to read to their children. Graugaard shows parents how to teach their child the importance of self-esteem and self-love, enabling them to drift off into calming, reparative sleep, their hearts full of love.

Find out more about The Children’s Meditations in My Heart and buy the book here.

The Workshop Santa Sack from Santa Sacks

If you are looking for a special sack to put under the tree or even at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve, Santa Sacks have a range of sacks that can be personalised with the child’s name.  The Workshop Santa sack is cute as it tells the recipient that they are on the nice list and that the contents have been checked twice and it is 100 % elf made.

The Workshop Santa Sack for The Santa Sacks Co

The standard retail price for the sacks is £19.95, but there is a special discount code for readers. If you use the code BLOGXMAS at the checkout then you will save 50% on your choice of Santa Sacks (one code per purchase/ not on sale items).

Santa Sacks Personalised Sacks

Find out more on the Santa Sacks website.

Christmas Gift Guide for Children

All items featured in this post were sent for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and all prices were correct at time of posting. 













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  1. November 1, 2017 / 8:55 am

    Wow, another amazing selection! I thought the Disney game would be perfect for my niece, then I thought of the tantrums and sulking if she lost. Maybe I’ll wait a few years. The cancer care package is such a lovely idea and it made me quite emotional reading about it. I’m very grateful that I don’t have anyone to give one to.
    And as for the balloon dog light? That’s wasted on kids! I don’t have a bedside light as there’s no socket. I think you’ve just solved that problem for me!

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