Book Review – Usborne Politics For Beginners

Book Review – Usborne Politics For Beginners

Politics for Beginners is the sort of book I wish I had read growing up.  I knew nothing about politics growing up and so I grew into a disinterested teenager and an adult who really didn’t know a lot about it.  That is a real shame as it is something that we all need to know about as it affects us all every day and in everything we do.

New to their range of books aimed at 7-11-year-olds, Usborne released Politics For Beginners earlier this month and it is definitely the sort of book I would buy for my children.  As you would expect from Usborne, this book is really appealing.  It gives children an overview of political systems, elections, voting and government, along with issues including feminism, human rights, freedom of speech and fake news all explained clearly with bright, infographic-style illustrations.

All of the information in Usborne's Politics for Beginners is illustrated with clear colourful infographic style illustrations

The book starts off by explaining in very simple terms exactly what politics is and then goes on to show how politics really is everywhere.

Politics is everywhere from Usborne Politics for Beginners

Politics for Beginners takes its readers on a journey of understanding not only how political systems work and what they are, but also the history of politics around the world.  It finishes with a fascinating chapter called Big Questions which try to answer key questions about some of the big political topics such as ‘Can war ever be justified?’, ‘What is prison for?’ and ‘What is immigration?”

It often asks the reader questions getting them to think about the ideas in the book in the context of their own lives.  For example, when talking about who has authority, it asks the reader to think about all of those people who tell them what to do and asks how many of them actually have authority? Or it asks and answers the questions that people might have on a topic.  With the topic of terrorism, there is a double page of questions that kids might ask about terrorism and gives clear easy to understand answers.

Usborne Politics for Beginners -2

I think that Politics For Beginners is an absolute must for all children (and even a few adults).  I can see why it was chosen as The Sunday Time Children’s Book of the Week in January. It is a fascinating insight into the world of politics and it has been written in an appealing, easy to read and informative way.  The illustrations work really well to support the topics and lots of key words are defined which is really important.  There are even tips for arguing and debating and there are using the Usborne Quick Links website, you can find out even more information online. The book would make both an interesting book to read or as a reference book to dip into for key information.

Politics for Beginners is currently available in hardback and the RRP is £9.99.  Find out more on the Usborne website.






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