Letting Girls be Girls with Fashion World

Letting Girls be Girls with Fashion World

Over the last couple of years, I have always been on the lookout for great value clothes for girls under the age of ten that aren’t too grown-up looking.  My daughter is really tall for her age and about a year ago, I discovered that with many brands, once you hit the age 10 size, the style of the clothes changed and it was more geared to older girls, tweens and teens.  Whilst I totally get that as kids of that age want to rock a more grown-up style when your daughter is under ten, it can make buying suitable clothes for her a bit of a challenge.

My daughter is now eight and I have seen a change in the way she dresses over the last few months, she is still very much a “girly girl.”  She likes comfortable, feminine clothes and much prefers bright colours and patterns.  Whilst two years ago you would usually find her in a dress, she still loves dresses but accepts that leggings, skirts and shorts can be more practical and I have just invested in my first ever skort for her (mainly because all of the other girls in school have them).

When I was approached by Fashion World to do a review of some of their clothing range for kids, I made the fatal mistake of showing my daughter the website and asked her what she thought.  She is pretty independent now about clothes and I thought she could choose a few items to review.  Big mistake.  She loved it all and had a very long list of things that she “just had to have”.

Eventually, we narrowed the list down and a couple of days later when the parcel arrived, I have to say that I think she made some really good choices.

Buying clothes for girls from Fashion World is easy as they have a great range of brands to choose from.

These Girls Badge Denim Shorts was the one item that I chose.  I knew that she wouldn’t choose them but that she would love wearing them and a decent pair of shorts is perfect for a girl on the go.

Girls Badge Denim Shorts from Fashion World

These shorts are really well made and will last all summer and beyond. Perfect for a summer wardrobe, these cute shorts have four different badge motifs which my daughter absolutely loves and they can be worn with t-shirts vest tops or over the top of a swimsuit. She loves them and says that they are really comfortable and I know they will get a lot of wear over the next few months.

These Girls Badge Denim Shorts from Fashion World are perfect for girls on the go

My daughter is still a young lady who loves a dress and her first choice was this gorgeous Monsoon Robyn dress.  Monsoon is one of her favourite shops and it is easy to see why and Monsoon is one of the brands available from Fashion World.

The Monsoon Robyn Dress from Fashion World is one of many items from the Monsoon children's range

The Robyn dress is 100% cotton, so really light and we love the details.  It has one strap and one ruffle shoulder with pretty embroidery detail and it is also edged with tassels.  You could also team this dress with leggings if you wanted to.

Enjoying the sun in her new Monsoon Robyn dress from Fashion World

Next on the list was another Monsoon dress, the Monsoon Kecia Dress.  This beautifully striking blue dress with floral patterns is really light and perfect for warm days or parties.

Monsoon Kecia Dress from Fashion World

Again, this dress has added detailing around the neckline with rows of gems and sequins adding extra glamour.

We particularly like the extra detailing around the neckline of this Monsoon Kecia Dress from Fashion World

Every new outfit deserves a good pair of shoes don’t you think?  Well, my daughter wholeheartedly agreed and decided that if she was updating her summer collection, she needed a new pair of sandals. These TKD Girls Leather Star Print Sandals are amazingly good value at just £12 and they go perfectly with all of the other clothes.

TKD Girls Leather Star Print Sandals

Finally, a new swimming costume was the last choice.  My daughter swims regularly and as a result has to have a new swimsuit every few months,  The Monsoon Ria Swimsuit has a really eye-catching design and the colours are perfect.

Monsoon Ria Swimsuit from Fashion World

So that is my daughter’s new capsule wardrobe for the summer from Fashion World, all great value and quality.  Now all we need is some sun …

We were sent these items to review.  All of our opinions and images are our own




  1. April 23, 2018 / 8:55 am

    Some great choices! I’ll have to check out the selection.
    There definitely comes a time when it gets harder to buy kids’ clothes as a lot of places don’t even stock clothes above a 9-10 or 11-12. My daughter is the height of a small adult, but still very much a child’s build and can’t wear ladies’ clothes, plus I dong want to pay the extra! I do know Monsoon goes up to age 13 though. My daughter loves their swimsuits and actually got two of them for her birthday!

  2. April 26, 2018 / 2:07 pm

    So many great choices, these look fab. I think it gets harder as they get older wish sizes. I do love these and she looks great x

  3. April 29, 2018 / 7:59 pm

    It definitely gets harder as they get older. I would never have thought that Fashion World would stock Monsoon clothing, and great choices by your daughter. Katie would love the denim shorts x

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